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7 Reasons You Should Avoid Selling Your Car to Nearby Junkyards

Did you know that every year around 27 million vehicles around the world reach the end of their life and are scrapped?

If you have a vehicle that is older and developing problems, you might think that the best and easiest way is to take it to one of the nearby junkyards.

However, did you know that there are more lucrative and cleaner ways to say goodbye to your car or truck? If you would like to turn a profit from your old car, or simply give it up in a more environmentally way, why not read our in-depth guide below to find out how.

1. Sell a Broken Car to a Dealer

Your car may be broken, however, that does not mean that nobody wants it. In fact, junk cars are a valuable commodity. Why not, first of all, ask if there is a dealer who will take a junk car for cash near me

A dealer will take your junk car and will break it down into its basic components. these are often in the forms of chemicals and metals that are very valuable. This means that there are many companies out there who are willing to take junk or scrap cars off your hands.

2. Get a New Car Cheaper

Even if your old car is broken there are still dealers who will give you a substantial discount for trading in a car

Many dealerships don’t care whether the car is working or not and will still take it for its remaining value. You may well be surprised how much they offer you. This is without a doubt the most efficient way to get rid of your junk vehicle.

3. Sell It Piece by Piece

If you have time and patience and you want to get every cent you can from your vehicle, you can always part it out. 

This is becoming a more and more popular option. An owner simply takes a basic set of tools and begins stripping off the easily accessible parts of the car. These can then be sold over eBay

It might sound like dirty, complex and even dangerous work. However, remember that you are only stripping away the parts that you are able to. Mirrors, steering wheel, instrument cluster, cd player/radio, wheels/tires are within most people’s grasp.

A more advanced user may feel confident enough to start stripping away the engine block. However, many are able to turn a tidy profit by starting with the simplest of parts. 

4. Keep a Good Conscience

So along with turning a profit from your junk vehicle, you can also lower your impact on the environment by avoiding using junkyards.

Cars have a large number of chemicals. If these simply drain out of the car into the ground they can cause great damage to the local environment, including the water table. While many junkyards are careful to provide protection against this, not all are. 

Lead batteries, mercury from light switches and anti-freeze are often found in the ground after testing is performed on a junkyard location. 

Avoid adding to this by thinking creatively about what you can do with your car instead of taking it to the local scrapyard. 

5. Reuse Valuable Materials

If you would like to further reduce your impact on the environment, think about who will dismantle your vehicle. In a junkyard, it is mainly the main engine parts that will be in demand. however, junk cars have much more to offer. 

The precious metals contained in cars can be recycled and reused. It this was performed globally, the need for mining and damaging the environment would be considerably reduced. Experts expect that precious metals will become more valuable in the future. 

6. Sell Your Car to a Garage

If your car was made by one of the leading car manufacturers such as BMW or Mercedes, you are in luck. Parts for these vehicles are constantly in demand by mechanics and garages. They may not even want to go to the trouble of looking in junkyards. They may be happy to take it off your hands directly. 

This may not be the most profitable of solutions as the garages will not give you more than the parts they want to take. however, they will be sure to offer you something for the valuable parts left in your junk car. 

7. Donate the Car to a Charity

Not many people know that you can donate your junk car to charity. Why would a car take a broken-down car from you?

Many charities operate programs where underprivileged people will repair the car and put them back on the road. In other cases, they will have groups of people who will dismantle them and retain the money they receive for parts.

This often has many benefits. First, your car is taken off your hands. Second, you have the warm fuzzy feeling of having helped another human being. 

However, you may also have the opportunity to reduce your tax burden. Charities may give you a tax receipt. This is to the tune of a fair market amount. This amount can often be reduced from your tax bill. 

In short, everybody wins when you donate your old car to charity. 

Avoid Nearby Junkyards and Much More

If you have a vehicle that you are looking to get rid of, then nearby junkyards might seem like the easiest option. However, there are so many more options available that can help you get cash for your car.

If you are looking to get the most out of your car, before or after it starts to experience problems, then we are here to help! We leverage our years of experience to keep you up to date with all developments in the auto industry. Why not follow our blog or get in touch to see how we can help today.