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One Man’s Trash: 5 Clear Signs It’s Time To Junk Your Car

Did you know that the average age of a car on the road today in America is 11.6 years old? The rising cost of new vehicles and improved reliability have encouraged people to keep their cars longer. 

While this can be good, it also can make it harder to make the decision to junk your car. After all, you may feel it’s cheaper to continue making repairs than have a car payment each month. The car may also have sentimental value.

So, when is junking a car the right option for you? Read on for five clear signs that it’s time to let go.

1. Your Car’s Worth Less Than the Repair Cost

If you’ve got an old car, you may not think much of frequent repairs. But what would you think if the mechanic suggested you needed a new transmission or engine?

If your car repair will cost more than your car’s value, take that as a clear sign you should junk your car. You can use the money received to put towards a more reliable used or new car that will probably give you fewer headaches.

2. Your Car Has Safety Issues

Your old car could have safety issues both due to its age and wear-and-tear.

For example, your car might not have the advanced airbag system a modern vehicle does. It might also skip out on features like a back-up camera and tire monitoring system. Your car might also have a poor safety rating or no longer be safe to drive since it’s falling apart or key features have broken. 

If any of this sounds familiar, junk a car for cash today.

3. Your Car’s Actually Falling Apart

Have you reached for the door handle for it to fall off? Or maybe you notice that your car’s rusting so that you have holes in the undercarriage.

When your car has reached this point, restoring it would be a tiring and expensive task. So, you’ll find it better off to sell the car for junk.

4. Your Car No Longer Fits Your Needs

Your family may have grown so the car doesn’t have enough space. If so, junking a car instead of repairing it will do you better in the long run.

You might have considered keeping it for one of your children to use. However, it may not be safe or reliable enough for them to drive when the time comes anyway.

5. Your Car Has No Title

If you can’t find your car’s title, you can’t legally sell it until you have a valid title. Of course, you could spend more time and money getting a title. However, you’ll have a much easier time if you just junk your car.

Now You Know When to Junk Your Car

If you recognize any of these signs, consider visiting a junkyard or cash for card service to junk your car. You can try a few locations to get quotes and make sure you end up with the maximum value for your vehicle.

Sure, you might feel sad giving up the car that took you on many journeys. But you can look at it as a chance to get a safer, modern car that will give you improved reliability and serve you for years to come.

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