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Drive in Style! 5 Wonderful Benefits of a Vinyl Wrap for Your Car

There’s nothing better than buying a new car.

Indeed, around 17 million of them are sold every year in the United States!

That’s a lot of people gleefully getting behind the wheel of a shiny new vehicle.

Nothing beats it. However, brand new cars can sometimes lack personality. Straight off the factory line, they come in the generic color and aesthetic finish as every other car of the same model.

For new owners around the country, that’s not quite good enough. Many people want something altogether more personalized.

Enter the world of vinyl wrap.

This modern alternative to a paint job can put the finishing aesthetic touches to any new ride. With vinyl wrapping, you can customize the look of a vehicle in almost any way imaginable!

Even better, it offers a host of additional benefits too. Interested in finding out more?

Keep reading to discover 5 primary incentives for vinyl wrapping your vehicle.

What Is Vinyl Wrapping?

First, though, a brief note on vinyl wrapping itself.

You may never have heard of it, in which case an explanation would be a helpful place to begin.

At its simplest, vinyl’s a type of protective film that’s applied to the outside of a car. Many vehicles come with a similar film applied as standard anyway.

A clear layer of film can often be found on bumpers and hoods to offer paintwork protection while driving. Any debris that kicks up from the ground is less likely to damage the paint job.

Vinyl wrapping does the same thing (more on its protective qualities later).

This time, though, the film doesn’t have to be clear or isolated to particular parts of the car. You can wrap an entire vehicle in almost any color you want!

5 Key Advantages of Vinyl Wrapping

Now we know what vinyl wrapping is, let’s go through the key reasons you might want to do it.

1. It’s Cost-Effective

A primary reason people opt for vinyl wrap is its value for money.

You can wrap an entire car for a fraction of what it would cost to paint it. That’s good news for car owners who hate the appearance of their vehicle. With car wrapping, they can customize the color and style without breaking the bank.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that you get what you pay for.

It can be tempting to cut down on costs wherever possible. However, the hassle and frustration of a poor-quality finish aren’t worth it.

Paying for a professional job from a reputable service will pay dividends.

2. It’s Protective

We mentioned this one above, but it’s worth re-emphasizing.

An added bonus of wrapping a car is the newfound protection you offer your paint job. You could wrap an entire vehicle and create a barrier between its paint and the outside world.

Think of it like a second-skin. The wear and tear that’s to be expected from driving a car will affect the wrap, not the paint beneath.

It shields the vehicle from superficial aesthetic damage, which preserves its value in the process.

You can find out more about this particular vinyl advantage by following the link.

3. It’s Not Paint

In the past, paint was the only option for anybody wanting to alter their car’s aesthetic.

Paint’s a problem in many ways though. First and foremost, it’s expensive! A new paint job can cost an arm and a leg, which made it unaffordable for many.

Worse still, that new paint job could void the vehicle’s warranty or any lease agreement that’s in place. Selling a car that’s been painted isn’t easy either. It might look great, which can make some sellers dubious about possible damage being covered up.

It goes without saying that a new paint job’s permanent too. There’s no going back if you change your mind about the color.

Wrapping a car suffers none of these issues. Indeed, you can simply ‘unwrap’ the car whenever you tire of the current customization.

4. It’s Convenient

Here’s another difference between painting and wrapping:


That’s right, painting an entire vehicle can take a considerable amount of time to complete. After all, it’s a big job with multiple steps.

It’s less of a problem with vinyl. Assuming the designs have been sorted and the vehicle’s clean, adding the wrap itself can be completed within 48 hours. Of course, smaller jobs take even less time than that.

Cars are a central part of daily life. Going days on end without access to it can be an extreme hassle for many households. The swift turnaround of vinyl reduces the hindrance.

5. It’s Diverse

The desire to customize a car is fundamental to the appeal of vinyl wrap.

It opens up a world of opportunity for the creative car owner.

As we’ve said, there’s really no limit to what you can do. You can wrap individual sections or entire vehicles in as many colors and finishes as you like.

This is another disadvantage to paint, which lacks this variety and versatility. In simple terms, there’s less choice in terms of color and hue.

These days, vinyl wrap can be designed on the computer too.

These digital designs mean you can create distinctive looks that epitomize the notion of customization. You’ll see cars driving around that look like fighter jets and fire engines, or in your favorite sports team’s colors!

Even better, a quality vinyl job can be indistinguishable from paint. People won’t know the difference.

Time to Vinyl Wrap Your Car

Millions of new cars are bought every year in the US.

However, despite the excitement involved, there are times when the aesthetic appeal doesn’t meet an owner’s standards.

In a bid to customize the look and add a flash of personality, adding vinyl wrap can make a mighty difference. Even better, the benefits don’t stop there!

Hopefully, this post has highlighted the top incentives for wrapping your car.

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