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Painting Perfection: Auto Paint Tips that Work

Maybe your car runs great but it’s definitely seen better days and needs a new paint job stat.

Before you decide to give your vehicle a beautiful new color, there are some important auto paint tips you should know about to ensure you get the finest finish possible.

This helpful guide explores how you can make sure that your car’s new paint comes out looking more gorgeous than ever before, so read on to learn more.

Proper Prep is Imperative

In order for your new paint to adhere and look great, the body of your car needs to be prepped. All areas that are to be painted need to be sanded before application.

Use a block sander with 320-grit paper to sand the automobile body thoroughly. As you sand, change direction with the sandpaper, but keep it constantly at an angle and never apply it directly in a horizontal or vertical movement.

Once you’re done with the initial sanding process, change over to 400-grit sandpaper. This sandpaper has a finer grit that helps you get into tough to reach areas.

Hand-sand any edges and concave parts of the vehicle using sandpaper attached to a rubber or foam block. This will give you better control and the foam or rubber can flex with the contours of the body of your car.

Continue to sand the body of the vehicle until it’s smooth and all of the old paint is completely removed. You can also wet-sand the body for a nice, smooth finish.

Take some compressed air and blow it all over the car to get rid of any remaining dust after the sanding. Next, wipe the body of the car down with quality wax and grease remover to make sure the surface is completely clean and ready to be primed.

Using a good primer is one of the most important of all auto paint tips. This special coat allows the paint to adhere properly and gives it a smooth, even, and shiny finish once it’s dry.

Using a Paint Sprayer

Before you begin applying any paint or primer, make sure you have a good area that will work with the airflow. You can work from the back toward the front to pull the paint from the gun and spread it across the body of the car.

Don’t spray in the opposite direction, or else it will leave unattractive overspray on the freshly-painted sections of the car. This will dry and leave behind ugly splotches and splatters.

Always spray paint your vehicle in even, slow motions and in the same direction as you go along. If you like, you can apply a tinted sealer over the primer before you paint it.

When you use a spray paint gun, make sure you wear proper eye protection and clothing protection. Only apply paint in an area where you have good ventilation, and make sure your car is out of the elements so no debris gets on it while painting.

Base Coat Auto Paint Tips

Once you’ve applied the primer and sealer, give it time to cure according to the manufacturer’s specifications. After everything is completely cured, you can start spraying the base coat onto the vehicle.

Depending on the color and finish, three good coats are usually recommended. This process should be done all at once for even application, and you should not allow the paint to dry in between coats or it can create uneven coloring and a splotchy appearance.

If you’re using a metallic color, apply a fourth coat using a lighter layer. This will give your car an even finish and help the shimmer in the paint sparkle that looks just like a custom paint job.

As you go, mix another batch of paint so you don’t run out and always make sure the paint reservoir is full. If you have someone who can help you, ask them to keep an eye on your paint levels and refill it as needed.

Clear Coat Application

Once you’ve applied all of your basecoats, let them set as recommended per the manufacturer. Once it’s cured, you can then apply three coats of a nice clear coat to give your car a gorgeous finish and additional protection.

Allow some time in between clear coat application to keep it from running. Remember to be patient and know that it will take several applications of paint and clear coat for it to look perfect.

When you spray the paint, keep the time between painting other areas of the car to a minimum to reduce the dry time. Always pay close attention as you spray to ensure you’re getting an even coat.

If an area looks too light, you can go back over it while it’s still wet. If you let it dry, it won’t look evenly applied. Make sure you allow enough time between coats to let the color cure or else it could loosen underneath the clear coat.

Give Your Car a New Look

Try these auto paint tips to give your vehicle a fresh, shiny finish and a whole new look. With some patience and proper application, your vehicle can look as good as new again.

Always sand the entire body of the vehicle and apply a primer before you paint. Use even coats and several applications along with a clear coat to give the car a nice, impressive finish.

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