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Keeping Your Car Safe: The Top Car Security Tips

In 2017, at least one stolen vehicle was reported every 40.9 seconds. Having your car stolen can be infuriating and a hassle to deal with.

Are you wondering how to keep your car safe at all times? If so, check out this guide to learn the top car security tips.

Lock Your Doors

One of the best and most obvious car security tips is that you should lock your doors.

Most people may think that this seems too obvious, but at the same time, so many people actually forget to do it. There are so many people who don’t leave their car after they get out of it. Some people even leave their keys in the ignition, making it even easier for thieves to steal it.

The first things most car thieves do is to check if the car is unlocked. If the car isn’t locked, then they will definitely take your car. However, if your car is locked, some thieves will just move ono to find another car that is unlocked.

Get a Car Alarm

Another thing that will deter burglars from stealing your car is by installing a car alarm. If someone tries to break into your vehicle, it will set off a car alarm, letting you or other people nearby know that someone is trying to steal your car.

It may not be able to stop your car from being stolen, but some thieves may end up abandoning their mission for fear of getting caught.

Hide Your Valuables

Sometimes thieves will scout out potential cars to steal. If they see a wallet or other valuables in plain sight in your car, they may feel as if it yours is worth breaking into.

Even if the items stolen from your car aren’t too expensive, your insurance may not reimburse you if your window was broken or your lock was forced.

Make sure that you hide valuables in your glove box, under the seats, or covered by something so thieves won’t be tempted to break into your car.

Some car thieves will also try and steal parts of your car. If a thief steals your audio system, you can always buy another one as well. Learn more about audio systems here.

Think About Where You’re Going to Park

When you are going to park your car, you should make sure that you park somewhere smart.

If you have a parking garage that is locked for only some people to access, this is a great start. However, most public places won’t have this, so you need to make sure that you can park somewhere in a well-lit area.

If possible, find somewhere that has a security or police presence, as well as cameras installed in the parking lot.

If you have to park on the street instead of a parking lot, make sure that you park somewhere that is also well-lit and in a popular place with people around it.

Keep Your Keys With You

As we mentioned above, a lot of people end up leaving their keys in the ignition of their car. This is a really easy way to have your car stolen.

Don’t even leave the keys on or in your car. Not only could you possibly lock yourself out of the car, but you should make sure that you have your keys with you at all times.

Get a Steering Wheel Lock

If none of the things above work, you may want to look into getting a steering wheel lock.

This isn’t the most secure way to make sure your car doesn’t get stolen, but it may deter novice car thieves.

A steering wheel lock is a long metal bar that goes across your steering wheel to make sure that it can’t be driven anywhere. It is a great deterrent because people will be able to see it before they even break into the car.

However, some car thieves know that they can just break into the car and take the steering wheel off and steal it anyway.

Use Wheel Locks Too

If a steering wheel lock isn’t enough, you may also want to look into getting a wheel lock as well.

Sometimes a car thief will just end up stealing your wheels, which could be even more infuriating.

To stop burglars from stealing your wheels, you can buy locking wheel nuts. These are pretty cheap to buy and easy to install and will stop burglars from being able to take your wheels away from your car.

Immbolize Your Car

Another thing you can do to keep your car safe is to get a car immobilizer.

This is an electronic device that makes sure that your car won’t start if the right key isn’t used. A thief can steal parts of your vehicle, but they won’t be able to take your entire car with them.

Invest in a Car Tracking System

Another way you could keep your car secure is to invest in a system to track your car in the event that it is stolen.

You can hide the system in your vehicle so that the thief won’t notice. That way, if you notice your car is missing, you will be able to quickly notify the police and get it back.┬áInvesting in one of these may also help lower your car insurance premium as well.

Upgrade Your Car Security Today!

Upgrading your car security and following these simple tips may help you make sure that your car isn’t stolen.

Sometimes, no matter what you do, people will still find a way to steal your car. If your car does get stolen or damaged, check out our blog posts to find out ways to get it back and fix it!