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A Beginner’s Guide To The Best Muscle Cars Of All Time

Do you love speed and powerful engines? Then, you will definitely love Americans muscle cars. Coined in 1949 due to the demand for a fast car, muscle cars have become one of Americas most loved cars. The 1960s and 1970s saw the creation of some of the best muscle cars of all time.

These cars are still on the road till now with even more surprisingly powerful engines, better horsepower, and speed. If you are looking for a muscle car, read one as we look into some of the best muscle cars.

1. Ford Mustang

Ford created the first Mustang in 1964 with an aim to build a coupe car for younger professionals. The Mustangs have undergone a series of transformation from the first to the fifth generation.

The latest generation of the Mustang is the biggest design and you can either love it or hate it but Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT 500 are very high-performing machines.

The modern Mustang has a much more sophisticated look and is also very powerful with a standard 310-horse turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a roaring V8 and 10-speed optional automatic engine. There is more to this car that will make you want to own it.

2. Chevrolet Camaro

After the success of the ford mustang, Chevy unveiled the first Camaro. It was based on an F-body platform and offered no less than three six-cylinder engines and four V8s. A longer and wider Camaro was then introduced in 1970. The fifth generation Camaro was later introduced in 2010 with a better body and an even better performing engine.

These car series even though designed to compete with the Mustang has come to stand out on its own and the Camaros are now more of pony cars than muscles cars but are classified and loved by Americans as muscle cars no less.

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3. Dodge Challenger

This muscle car made its debut in 1970 and it had a longer wheelbase and a much more spacious cabin. Several other challengers were later introduced over the years but the oil crisis crippled the sales of the muscle cars and this lead to the early retirement of this car in 1974.

The challenger made its way back in the 70s and 80s as the Mitsubishi Galant but was not received well. In 2008 the challenger made its way back and this 3rd generation challenger has soldiered on and so far has had a number of stylistic updates.

If you are looking to buy this muscle car, the current challenger will be one of your best choices given to its retro design. It is very fast and has a 797 horsepower supercharged V8 engine.

4. Chevrolet Corvette

Introduced in 1963, this car was a rear drive, two-door convertible and it was very stylish and high-performing. It featured four-wheel disc brakes, optional side exhaust pipes, a big block, and a 6.5 liter V8.

The third generation of the Chevy introduced in 1968 was even better than the first. This muscle car has gotten even better with time and the C6 generation that was produced from 2005-2013 and has better handling and is a much-loved sports car.

Today you can get the angular beast Corvette with a manual transmission if that’s your style. Get ready to experience this legendary ZR1 supercar with a 755 horsepower and a top speed of 212 MPH.

5. Dodge Viper Muscles Cars

The dodge viper arrived in the muscle car scene in 1991 but it is one of the famous cars in America. If you want a luxurious muscle car, the dodge viper will be an ideal choice. Even though the first series of vipers lacked air conditioning this later changed with the second generation of vipers in 1996 with power windows, A/C, airbags, power door locks, and even a much more chiseled look.

Another generation of the Viper was introduced in 2013 and it is more modern and accommodating than any other viper before. This car has been in the market for 25 years and it is one of the best classics.

6. Pontiac GTO

Transformed from the Pontiac Tempest in 1964, the GTO had a better body and was better performing than the Tempest. It also borrowed a little bit from the Ferrari. This muscle car was an instant hit and GM improved its performance over the years. However, in 1974, its sales went down forcing its production to stop.

Pontiac then relaunched this car in 2004 and it came back even better than before but its design did not really appease to the consumer. Though you will not be able to find a new Pontiac because 2006 was the last year it was produced you can still buy it from its original owners.

7. Plymouth Barracuda

Initially known as the Cuda, this car was not as special at first and did not have a competitive chance. In 1967, the second generation Plymouth was introduced and it had responded to the need of the market. The model was much more aggressive with a V8 motor and better handling.

1970 was the year of the 3rd generation and it was ready to take its drivers to breathe away. It had three V8 engines and was on its way to muscle cars success.

The energy crisis in 1970 hugely impacted the sales of the barracuda and eventually retired it, but if you get your hands on it, it is one of the best classic cars that you can have.

Consider Buying Any One of These Muscle Cars Because They Are One of the Best Cars That You Can Own

It is very difficult to choose an American muscle car because they are all very strong and have a lot to offer in terms of performance and style.

These models are fast, sharped and better designed. These cars have both high and low performing options but if you want to feel the real American muscle cars, then the high performing option is your ideal choice.

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