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From Honda to Toyota: The Story Behind Your Favorite Japanese Car Brands

Did you know the Japanese car manufacture industry has over a 40% market share in the United States?

The demand for Japanese manufactured and designed vehicles in the U.S. knows no bounds. Year on year, the number of cars sold by Japanese firms continues to grow.

But, have you ever wondered how Japan revolutionized the car industry? In this article, you’ll discover the story behind the most famous Japanese car brands from Honda to Toyota. Let’s go!

1. Honda

What do you think of when you think about Honda?

We think about style and innovation. From the Accord to Fit and CRV to CR-Z, Honda has built a reputation of world-renowned cars.

The company is named after the founder, Soichiro Honda. Honda established the company in 1948 in a wooden shack to the multinational player it is today.

Honda currently sells around 5 million vehicles every single year. Just when you think Honda can no longer make any improvements on the latest model, they exceed expectations once again.

Honda is also quickly transforming the car industry once again by investing an environmentally sustainable vision of the automobile industry of the future.

2. Suzuki

Suzuki has made a name for itself as the manufacturer of affordable and mid-sized family cars.

The company is the manufacturer of models including the Swift, Lapin, Baleno and Wagon R. The latter of which has become one of the most popular cars in the world in recent years.

In 1900, the Suzuki company was in the business building weaving looms for the silk industry in Japan. However, it wasn’t until the after the Second World War that the company started to put its efforts into the manufacturing of cars.

3. Nissan

The slogan for this Japanese car company is “innovation that excites” has combined the manufacturing of fun and exciting vehicles with practical but stylish family cars.

Always at the cutting edge of the industry, Nissan Leaf was the first electric vehicle introduced by a Japanese manufacturer. Nissan continues to show ambition with the plans for driverless cars by the year 2020.

4. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi has developed its reputation as a producer of durable and high-quality vehicles. Popular Mitsubishi cars include the Lancer Evolution, RVR, and the Colt.

The company has also continued to be open to innovation and invention with the plug-in hybrid EV system. However, the company has experienced a decline in sales in the past couple of years.

5. Mazda

What an amazing name for a car company! Mazda vehicles scream trendy and innovation. Whether it’s the Mazda MPV or the Roadster, these are fabulous cars.

According to the official line:

“The name was also associated with Ahura Mazda (God of Light), with the hope that it would brighten the image of these compact vehicles.”

However, the company also says that the name comes from the founder too, Jujiro Matsuda.

Either way, the company now produces over 1 million cars annually. Even though Mazda has not had much financial luck of late, it remains the 15th biggest manufacturer of vehicles in the world.

6. Subaru

The automaker Subaru emphasizes confidence in motion.

The company has managed to exceed the expectations of many in continuing to improve year on year. In particular, the models Outback and Crosstrek have proven to be big sellers for the company.

7. Daihatsu

While Daihatsu made its name as the manufacturer of internal combustion engines, it’s now famous for its small Kei model vehicles.

These trendy and compact cars have proven to be in high demand by customers, especially among drivers in urban centers. It the small and light design makes it ideal for transporting the vehicle overseas with this company.

8. Lexus

According to Forbes, Lexus is the best Japanese car name because it runs off the tongue. The car manufacturer has achieved sales of more than three million vehicles; however, it has experienced a dip in sales lately.

The company is owned by Toyota, but Lexus is targeted at car buyers with deeper pockets. It speaks to those of us who admire the luxury car experience and the elegance and dynamism of driving. But also, you have to have the cash too!

9. Isuzu

Even though Isuzu may not be as successful as some of the most recognized Japanese car brands, it has seen constant growth over the past years.

While you may not have an Isuzu vehicle, you may be surprised to discover how many diesel engines are manufactured by Isuzu.

10. Toyota

Finally, we come to the biggest brand in the Japanese automobile market, Toyota. The Toyota company is so huge that it’s even the 6th largest company in the world.

In a single year, Toyota sells three times cars than Lexus has in its entire history with nine million sales.

Some of the most popular models of Toyota include Prius and Aqua. Furthermore, the company also boasts some of the most innovative hybrid vehicle technology. Toyota has become the leader of hybrid-electric vehicles.

The Best Japanese Car Brands

The Japanese car industry has transformed into the industry. But, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all.

As some of the biggest Japanese car brands have embraced hybrid and electrical vehicle technology as the future of cars. There are also signs that the Japanese manufacturers are set to lead the way into the driverless future.

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