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BMW Repair Costs: How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

With summer approaching, everyone is looking to tighten their beach body. But if you’re a car buff, you know the real joy of summer is to show off that fine-tuned, sparkling clean vehicle that you plan on driving to the beach.

If your BMW can use a little bit of TLC, there are some maintenance steps you can follow to get it up and running just in time for summer road trips. You’ll want to figure out what your vehicle needs, factor in the BMW repair costs, and find a mechanic shop that you trust.

To get started, follow these three strategies.

Get A Checkup And Total Estimate For Your BMW Repair Costs

There are lots of BMW repair shops you can turn to, but you’ll first need to get a tally of your total expected BMW repair costs.

Take your car in for an overall inspection to get an idea of the most critical things that need repair. From here, you can prioritize these repairs and get the service that you need.

When you’re thinking about finding a BMW repair shop, be sure that you take a look at their license, ask about their previous references and get a few different opinions. Do a bit of your own research to see if it lines up with the suggestions that the mechanics are making.

Once you have found a mechanic shop that you feel good about, you can get the total estimate and figure out what work you want done on your BMW.

See What You Can Do Yourself

When keeping your BMW in tip-top shape, you can save a bit of money by doing your own repairs.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew by doing extensive work that you’re not qualified to handle. However, small repairs like changing your brake fluid or changing a light bulb might be a great opportunity to learn, while also saving money on labor costs.

Always consult your BMW service manual before tackling a DIY project. Today’s BMW is sophisticated and synced to a computer system, so it’s better to consult the manual for the proper steps. This way, you lower the risk of voiding your warranty.

YouTube is filled with DIY videos on any BMW repair that you can think of. So don’t hesitate to subscribe to a few channels and do your research before tackling a DIY project.

Buy A BMW Service Plan

Getting an extended warranty or maintenance plan can go a long way toward maintaining your car.

Read through the contract so that you know every single scheduled maintenance appointment that comes with it. From there, weigh the costs of maintenance with the service plan against coming out of pocket for individual repairs.

For instance, a BMW oil change typically costs between approximately $70 and $110, so compare that with the scheduled oil change and other maintenance you are getting with a service plan.

Use these three tips to get the most bang for your buck when estimating BMW repairs. For more information on BMW maintenance, check out our blog.