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The volume Cadillacs were heavily facelifted for 1958 in a manner typical of GM that year. Perhaps the most garish Caddys yet, they were laden with chrome and far less stylish than previous postwar models. Sales were poor, though a nationwide recession was probably more to blame than the baroque styling, which was, after all, in vogue. At 121,778 units, model year production was lower than at any time since 1954. Symbolizing the fall in fortunes was a V-8 slightly detuned in a faint nod toward fuel economy, limited to a single 310-bhp version for all models.

Forecasting the future, DeVille became a 62 sub-series for '58, and pillared sedans were temporarily eliminated. The 62 line also gained a hardtop sedan with extended rear deck. All models were available with cruise control, high-pressure cooling system, two-speaker radio with automatic signal-seeking, and automatic parking brake release. A special show Eldorado introduced a "thinking" convertible top that raised itself and the side windows when a sensor detected raindrops, but this was another gimmick that came to nothing.

1958 Cadillac

1958 Cadillac


1958 Cadillac Notes

Series 6261,053 (decreased 5,794)
Sedan de Ville23,989 (increased 181)
Coupe de Ville18,414 (decreased 5,399)
Eldorado1,671 (decreased 2,229)
Series 6012,900 (decreased 11,100)
Series 70 Eldorado Brougham304 (decreased 96)
Series 753,447 (decreased 622)

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