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Why Your Car is More Likely to Be Pulled Over By Police

The open road, windows down, radio up.

How can we argue with the sense of liberation we get tearing down our favorite road?

Until those police lights come up in the rearview mirror, that is.

For all the independence driving offers, we’re still bound by a rigid set of laws. For better or worse (and, to be honest, it’s hard to argue against the importance of driving laws), we’re still accountable for our actions.

But what if there were other factors that made us more likely to be pulled over by police? For instance, sometimes the very car we drive can make us a suspect.

Below, we look at a few characteristics that make some vehicles susceptible to being targeted by the police.

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Getting Noticed Gets You Noticed

The three most likely cars to get pulled over are the Mercedes-Benz SL, Toyota Camry Solara, and Scion tC.

In fact, according to a recent survey, these three cars are 300% to 400% more likely to get pulled over than the average vehicle.

What do these cars have in common? They’re exciting to look at.

To the police, if you drive an exciting-looking car, that could imply that you drive excitingly. So, you’ll be on their radar as you cruise past in your candy apple red Hot Rod.

Still want to look good on the road? You may want to keep Florida Ticket Firm on speed-dial.

Battle of the Sexes

The disparity between gender equality is quite obvious when we look at who is more likely to be pulled over by police.

Research reveals that males are 13% more likely than females to be ticketed.

Below the age of 55, men receive 1.5 tickets for every one a woman gets. Over the age of 55, that number increases to two tickets for men for every one that a woman gets.

Yet, this is more than simply a Mars vs. Venus mentality. It has more to do with the types of vehicles most commonly chosen by these two gender types.

This is supported by the fact that men are more likely to drive aggressive and flashy vehicles than women are. A new study shows that women are more likely to buy practical compact cars and SUVs, while men prefer high-torque sports cars and trucks.

Remember our point above? You’re more likely to be noticed in a foreign luxury model than a crossover.

Speed Limits Are Not Suggestions

In a rush?

While police will often offer leniency to people who go slightly over the limit, they do tend to deal a little more severely with drivers who flaunt a disregard for speed limits.

One statewide study showed that about 8,000 tickets were issued annually to people doing 9 MPH over the speed limit. That number increased to 77,000 tickets for those going 10 MPH over the limit.

It’s safe to assume that you can push the limit mildly, but as soon as you start exceeding it by too much, you draw attention to yourself.

Is your car a powerhouse that you love to rev up on the highway? You could be entering the danger zone in more ways than one by testing those boundaries.

Final Thoughts On Being Pulled Over By Police

Police officers are given the authority to treat traffic citations with discretion. How you present yourself when dealing with an officer goes a long way to whether or not you’ll be written up.

There are certain factors to keep in mind that can help keep you from the side of the road, and they all boil down to the idea of not drawing undue attention to yourself.

Driving a practical vehicle at moderate speeds will likely keep you free from the police.

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