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Mobility Solutions: The Best Types of Cars to Modify

Anyone who is disabled and in a wheelchair doesn’t want to lose their independence. Having a car to drive is a huge part of maintaining that independent lifestyle.

There are actually plenty of options for cars to modify for those in wheelchairs. Mobility solutions for the disabled come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Whether you need a vehicle for yourself, or you’re looking to help out your parents or children, there are great options available for car modifications. Here are a few of our favorites.

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is one of the best options available for modification right now. The Odyssey can be modified to remove front seats so that wheelchair-bound drivers can operate the vehicle.

Minivans are some of the best vehicles for customization, and there are some great companies who specialize in modifying Odysseys.┬áIt’s also not a vehicle that will break the bank, and it should be reliable for years to come.

Chevy Silverado

For those who want a vehicle with more powerful capabilities, the Chevy Silverado is worth looking into. It can be modified to include a wheelchair lift that extends from the side of the truck.

Being disabled doesn’t mean that a person suddenly doesn’t need a truck anymore. This is a perfect option for helping your parents stay mobile and maintaining their ability to haul things they need.

Ford Mustang

No, the Mustang doesn’t come with platform lifts, ramps, or wheelchair restraints, but it does have other options for disabled drivers. It can come with a hoist life, hand controls, power assist seats, steering devices, and more.

The Mustang is a fun option for those who may not be ready to settle for a minivan or something plainer. After all, there are plenty of disabled people who still love sports cars.

Scion xB

The Scion xB is another good option that can come with wheelchair and scooter lifts. You’ll also have options for wheelchair restraints, hand controls, left foot acceleration, and many more features.

The xB has a different, boxier look to it. But for many people, that’s part of the charm. This could be the way to go for those who like to stand out a little.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

No one ever said that people with disabilities don’t like to go off-roading now and then. Even if it’s just a dirt road on some country property, being able to take on challenging terrain can be essential.

The Grand Cherokee has plenty of options available for modification. It’s certainly worth checking out their reimbursement policy for mobility solutions.

Compare Costs Of Mobility Solutions

But Jeep and the other companies on this list aren’t the only car companies to offer assistance for those who need modifications.

Remember to check with multiple companies regarding their policies for rebates and reimbursements. Ask about ways to keep the overall expense lower, and you might be surprised at what you can be reimbursed for.

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