Cars for Long Road Trips
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The Top 5 Cars for Long Road Trips

Queue your favorite crank-it-all-the-way up car jams–if you’re heading for a long trip, you need a great vehicle to make it a comfortable adventure.

Whether you’re thinking of renting something special for a vacation or you’re always on the road and you want to buy a great road-trip vehicle, we have the best recommendations. The five vehicles below will get you through the long hours in both style and comfort.

Get ready for long road trips and summertime fun in these ideal options.

1. Lexus LC 500

If you’re going on a romantic trip, going in a Lexus LC 500 is the best choice. It’s a luxury cabin with the highest-quality materials.

We’ll let you in on one of the best road trip tips: choose comfort mode to make it even more romantic. It quiets the engine and the cabin to make it cozier, even calming down the shocks. Be sure you have a romantic playlist ready, because that sound system is top-notch.

2. Long Road Trips: Volvo XC90

This is Volvo’s flagship SUV, and it shows. If you’re moving across the country or going on a coast-to-coast journey, having a vehicle with plenty of room inside and that’s efficient. This vehicle has both, as well as other great features.

You’ll find the latest technology and entertainment system to keep you and your friends or family occupied on cross-country road trips. The best seats of any car in the industry are here, too. Volvo prides itself on producing comfortable seats, including some with massage capabilities.

3. Subaru Crosstrek

Are you heading somewhere with rugged terrain? Embarking on a rock climbing adventure or heading to a favorite camping spot? The practical and reliable Crosstrek is the perfect vehicle for your adventurous spirit.

Besides handling long-distance travel like a dream, the Crosstrek has a high clearance and all-wheel drive. It also gets great gas mileage. All these features are enough to convince anyone that it’s better than public transportation for your next adventure.

4. Something Electric: Tesla Model 3

Want to save the planet and see the world? Get in a Tesla Model 3, which comes fully loaded with Netflix streaming capabilities and a long range between charges.

While electric cars used to be the worst choice for long trips, that’s not true anymore. Tesla has a huge network of charging stations in every state, so you can plan ahead and find the best rest areas for your breaks.

5. Ford Mustang

This sporty car is perfect for a beach trip, especially if you get a convertible option. An all-American favorite, the Mustang can take corners smoothly and has enough horsepower to convince you you’re on top of the world.

The Mustang is also one of the best cars for road trips because of the updated digital instruments. You can track your gas mileage through the road trip, along with other key metrics.

The Best Adventures

We’ve got you covered, from romantic getaways to cross-country moves. If you’re heading into some long road trips, be sure you get one of the vehicles above to make it an unforgettable adventure!

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