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5 Factors to Consider Before Shipping Your Car

13% of the American population moves homes every single year. And about 15% of those people are moving to a new state.

Not everyone likes the idea of a road trip. Many people don’t have time to take days off of work to make the move. Nor do they want to put wear and tear on their vehicles, which would lead to costly maintenance.

Shipping your car when moving to a new state is the best option for those looking for a smooth, easy, and affordable process. 

Shipping your vehicle is easier than ever before. But before booking a freight company, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you maximize your move.

Keep reading to learn about your vehicle transportation options below. 

1. Get Multiple Quotes

The first thing you need to do is get quotes from multiple car transportation companies. Some operate regionally while others operate nationally. 

Each company prices its shipments differently, based on factors like distance, time of year, size of the vehicle, and many other factors. 

Check out this resource on car shipping quotes for more information.

2. Book Well In Advance

The best way to save money is to book your shipment ahead of time. If you can plan your move around six months in advance, you’ll likely get the best pricing.

Wait until one or two weeks before your move and you can expect to shell out quite a bit.

Vehicle shipping is largely seasonal. Most people are shipping their cars in the summer or in the winter. If you can plan to ship yours in the spring or fall, you might be able to save quite a bit of money. 

3. Don’t Overfill the Fuel Tank

Your car is going to need some gas in it so that your shipping company can get it on and off the truck, and around a parking lot if necessary. But they don’t want you to have more than a quarter tank, as it weighs down the truck.

So before dropping off your vehicle or having it picked up, ensure there’s about a quarter tank. 

4. Empty Your Vehicle

Your car should be completely safe during transportation. However, you should still remove all personal items and valuables from the vehicle.

It should be clean and empty to avoid any issues or missing items. 

5. Open or Closed Carrier

When choosing a car shipping carrier, you’ll have the option of choosing an open or closed truck. An open truck means your car is exposed to sun, rain, and dirt. But it’s cheaper.

A closed carrier provides maximum protection for your car as it moves across the country. But you will pay extra for this convenience. 

Shipping Your Car to Protect Your Investment

Shipping your car is easy and relatively affordable. compared to fuel costs, time away from work, and maintenance and repairs needed before and after a road trip, shipping a car makes a ton of sense.

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