Protect Your Car From Hail
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How to Protect Your Car From Hail

Did you know that 6.2 million properties in the United States experienced one or more damaging hail events in 2020? It’s no secret that hail can cause a significant amount of damage, especially to vehicles. Knowing how to protect your car from hail can save you time, money, and unwanted headaches.

This guide will provide tips and tricks to keep your car safe during a hailstorm.

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Find the Right Parking Spot

Ideally, you’re able to protect your vehicle from hail damage by parking it in a covered space when hail is expected. It’s good to be proactive by checking the weather daily and staying up-to-date on the forecast. If you live in an area prone to hail storms, this is particularly important.

Park your car in a garage during a hail storm, whether it’s a local parking garage at the mall or your own personal garage. A fully enclosed space is the best way to ensure car protection. 

If you don’t have access to a parking garage, other covered spaces like a carport, are also a great option.   

Cover Your Vehicle

There may be times when you’re unable to find a covered parking spot for vehicle protection. Although it shouldn’t be your first choice, you can protect your car by covering it with different materials. 

The best option is to stock up on moving blankets. These thick polyester blankets are used to move furniture and prevent them from getting scratched.

Take a handful and wrap them around your car, you can even use cardboard underneath for extra padding. You’ll want to place some heavy items on top when you’re done, to keep the blankets from flying off.

Steps to Take After a Hail Storm

Once the hail storm has passed, you’ll want to inspect your vehicle for damage. Hail can be tricky to predict so you may not have had the time to move your car or maybe you were out of town. 

In the event that you are dealing with hail damage, you’ll want to contact your insurance company and file a claim. Be sure to take photos of the damage and keep any receipts from repairs that you get. 

Speaking of repairs, you’d be surprised what the right auto shop can do if you bring in a vehicle that was damaged by hail. Take a look at these services from Viva Auto Body, so you know where to go the next time your car needs repair. 

How to Protect Your Car From Hail

Hail can cause a lot of damage to property, people, and pets. It’s important to know how to protect your assets as soon as you know there’s any potential of a hailstorm. Vehicles tend to take a significant amount of damage, but luckily it isn’t challenging to take precautions.

Knowing how to protect your car from hail will keep you from having to deal with insurance, repairs, and stress. 

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