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Car Cleaning: The Secret to Keeping Your Vehicle in Showroom Condition

Do you ever notice how your car never looks as good as the day you drove it off the lot? Even when you buy a used car, dealers have a knack for making the car look the best it will ever look. 

Basic car cleaning tips, as well as regular maintenance, can elevate your car to showroom status once again. Keep reading to learn how to make your car shine. 

Wax and Polish

Begin with the mundane: wash your car regularly. Do not allow dirt and grime to build up as it will cause scratches in the long run. instead, have the car washed regularly. 

Once you’ve established a washing routine, apply car wax and polish to restore the shine like no other. Wax will also give your car a protective layer that causes dust and water to roll off of it. 

When you apply polish, do so either by rubbing it in manually or using a polishing tool. Apply car wax the same way. The final product will protect your car, giving it a waterproof layer. 

Park Smart

A few car cleaning tips or some car cleaning advice will help you with basic maintenance. But keeping the car in tip-top shape means more than just knowing the best way to clean a car. 

For example, you can protect your car by parking far away from other cars. Do not be the obnoxious driver that purposefully takes up two spaces. This type of behavior invites others to “accidentally” dent your vehicle. 

If you can, rent a covered or underground parking spot. Such a regular spot will protect your vehicle from weather damage of all kinds. Plus, if you have the right spot, you can hire mobile detailing here to make your car perfect both inside and out. 

Drive Smart

You can best protect your car’s exterior by driving smart. Give yourself plenty of cushion between the cars in front of you and your own front end.

Experts recommend using the three-second rule. Pick a marker on the side of the road like a building or a billboard. Once the car in front of you passes the marker, begin counting to three. 

You should be able to hit “three” before you reach the marker. If your count is less than three, then you’re too close, and you should slow down or pass the vehicle. 

Keeping a cushion will lessen the likelihood of unfortunate accidents like rear-ending the car in front of you. It will also give debris and small rocks a chance to land on the road rather than on your windshield or hood. 

Fix Problems Immediately

If your car does sustain a small dent or scratch, fix the problem immediately. Contact a mobile repair company to help repair scratches and dents. 

The same principle applies to bird droppings and bugs. When you notice a bird had decided to use your vehicle as its waste receptacle, clean the area immediately. When you drive through a fog of bugs, scrub your windshield and bumper before the heat of the day bakes on the insects. 

More Than Car Cleaning

When you want a showroom-looking car, you need more than a basic car cleaning. You should be diligent to drive and park purposefully. You need to inspect your ride regularly and care for the small problems before they lead to big problems. 

When you follow these basic steps, you’ll find yourself with the ride of your dreams sitting in your driveway. 

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