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Debunking the Most Common Motorcycle Myths That Exist Today

The U.S motorcycle market size is anticipated to be $10.88b by 2025. As motorcycle ownership increases, the same happen to their myths and misconceptions.

Many motorcycle myths downplay the safety rules. Believing them increases the chances of motorcycle crashes.

Knowing the truth about motorcycle riding will keep you safe on the road. You’ll also enjoy a unique motorcycle riding experience.

Maybe you’re a motorcyclist and don’t know the incorrect assumptions in the automotive industry. Let’s debunk some of the most common motorcycle myths existing today.

Helmets Can Cause Injuries

Helmets are very crucial motorcycle essentials. The belief that helmets can cause spinal and neck injuries is a flat lie.

In fact, helmets are among the safest motorcycle riding gear. They protect the head from injuries in case of crashes.

Helmets also prevent dust and excess wind that distracts motorcyclists. Always wear a helmet to set a good example for other motorcyclists.

Loud Pipes Increase Safety

To some people, the best motorcycle must have louder exhaust pipes. Yes, loud exhaust pipes add some style but don’t save lives.

Louder exhaust pipes have some negatives. For one, they cause noise pollution, distracting passengers.

Exhaust pipes are not on the bike’s front. This means that the passengers and cars in front of the motorcycle may not hear them.

Helmets Block Visibility

Helmets cannot block your field of view. Instead, they enhance visibility.

On average, the peripheral vision of human beings doesn’t exceed 180 degrees. For this reason, helmets cannot restrict your field of view in any way.

Again, helmets also protect the eyes from debris, wind, and dust particles. This means that you will see better when riding.

Wearing a helmet will also protect you from wind noise and pressure. You will not suffer fatigue when riding.

Skilled Motorcyclists Handle All Situations

Don’t believe this lie if you are a skilled motorcyclist. This myth makes many motorcycle experts ignorant.

It makes riders believe that they can control every situation on the road.

Sometimes, your motorcycle may develop mechanical problems while riding. For example, the tire can burst when you are overspeeding. These and other uncertainties can cost you your life despite your excellence.

Whether skilled or not, follow the recommended motorcycle safety guidelines.

Racing Tires Are the Safest

Many people can’t differentiate racing tires from road tires. They are different.

Their safety depends on several things. One of the factors is weather conditions.

Racing tires are safer when it is hot, unlike road tires. Road tires are the best when there is rain or snow on the road.

Both racing and road tires provide great stability. How you ride your motorcycle determines your safety here.

Cars Cause Most Accidents

Cars indeed cause some motorcycle crashes, but not most of them. Many motorcyclists shift the blame to car owners.

Several things cause most motorcycle accidents.

One of them is motorcycle mechanical issues. Problems with the brakes, engine, tires, and other motorcycle parts cause many crashes.

Many motorcyclists are also reckless on the road. Ignorance of safety rules causes most accidents.

Weather problems and lack of motorcycle riding expertise also cause accidents.

Motorcycle Riding Training Isn’t Necessary

Many people don’t take motorcycle riding training seriously. Don’t listen to motorcyclists that downplay motorcycle riding training.

Motorcycle riding classes have many benefits.

For one, you will learn unique riding skills. Motorcycle riding skills and expertise are necessary for your safety on the road.

You will also do a motorcycle permit practice test. This will enable you to test your knowledge about different types of motorcycles.

Motorcycle riding classes will also ease your process of getting licensed.

Racing Tires Increase the Speed

This is another incorrect assumption you should not believe. For one, you are not on a race, so you don’t need racing tires.

Likely, you will ride your motorcycle on highways and streets. For this reason, road tires are the best. They provide great grip and stability on highways.

Tires have nothing to do with your motorcycle speed. Whether racing or road tires, you can ride at your preferred speed.

One Beer Is Good

You will hear some riders claiming that one beer can’t hurt you. A single beer can cost your life when riding.

Beer can affect your riding skills. You may fail to maintain the right balance and coordination while riding.

Alcohol also causes fatigue when riding a motorcycle.

Ensure that you don’t hit the road after drinking beer. You will save yourself and other people on the road.

Laying Down Prevents Crashing

Laying down does not prevent crashing – slowing down does.

Laying down when speeding causes severe motorcycle crashes. It makes it hard to control the bike and prevent accidents.

Laying down reduces the grip provided by the tires. Because of this, the motorcycle slides and causes accidents.

Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation that can be avoided. Reduce your motorcycle speed anytime you feel like you’re about to crash.

Streets Are Safer Than Interstates

Here, it is vice versa. Interstates are safer than the streets.

Several things make interstates safer.

One of them is the lack of alleys. All the traffic goes in the same direction. You don’t have to worry about other motorcycles and cars getting into your lane.

Streets and highways have higher traffic than interstates. This also makes the interstates safer for motorcyclists.

All Riding Gear Is Uncomfortable

This is a lie perpetrated by riders that don’t like wearing gear.

There is no uncomfortable motorcycle gear. It all depends on what you buy and your body size.

Consider the available sizes of motorcycle gear you are buying. Test the gear before paying for it to ensure that it fits properly.

Don’t Believe Any of These Motorcycle Myths

Motorcycle riding should be fun and exciting. However, believing motorcycle myths will hinder you from enjoying your rides.

This information will enlighten you about the common motorcycle myths you should ignore.

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