Auto Window Tinting Myths
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Debunking the Latest Auto Window Tinting Myths That Exist Today

You saved every penny you could to afford your dream car. Now, you have one of the almost 290 million vehicles registered in the US!

Now that you own the car, you get to personalize it to suit your needs. One way to improve the interior comfort of your car is to tint the windows. But, there are some misconceptions that circulate in the tint conversation.

We scoured the internet to seek and destroy tinting myths. Keep reading to learn about the most common auto window tinting myths so you can decide if tinting is right for your car.

You Can’t Clean Tinted Windows

We don’t know who’s lazy partner told them this story, but you can still clean tinted windows. If you’re worried about damaging the film still, make sure to use a microfiber towel and some kind of ammonia-free glass cleaner.

Tinting Is Only for Looks

Everyone wants their first car to look perfect and reflect their tastes. But, window tinting does more than make your car look cool!

Some tint films block UV rays and heat from coming into your car. Not only does that protect your skin, but it prevents the interior surfaces from fading as well!

Your Car’s Resale Value Drops

Since a car is an important investment, you want to make sure it keeps its value for as long as possible. That way, it’s worth more if you want to sell it or trade it in later.

Some people say that tinting your car windows reduces the resale value of the car. But in reality, well-tinted windows can even increase the resale value of some cars!

Auto Window Tinting Makes the Window Unbreakable

Another common myth about car ownership is that the film used in the tinting process makes your window unbreakable. This is a flat-out falsehood!

The film will help keep the glass shards together in case of an accident, but the window will still shatter when hit with enough force. This also helps protect anyone in the car from getting hit with glass shards.

The Tint Will Degrade Over Time

Have you ever seen a car with tinting that looks cracked, faded, or even has bubbles between the film and the window? The good news is that good-quality tinting doesn’t get like that. Make sure you choose a well-rated car window tinting company that’ll take care of your windows. 

Believing Myths Is Like Believing Old Gossip

We all know people that like to stir the pot with lies and misconceptions. Make sure you research claims before you come to any rash decisions about a product like tinting.

You’ll find many more myths about window tinting the more research you do. But, we can call these myths debunked and dusted at this point.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that we helped debunk some of the common myths about auto window tinting. For more informative articles about auto maintenance, repairs, and more check out the rest of our blog today!