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The Different Types of Tractors Explained

Back in the early 1900s, tractors changed the game when it came to farming. Before tractors, farmers had to use horses to do all their heavy lifting. Horses required land and food that made farming expensive.

Today, tractors still lead innovations in the farming world. If you are thinking about buying a tractor, you are looking for more efficient ways to complete work, like those in the past.

Tractors have come a long way, so how do you choose the best tractor for your needs? Keep reading to learn about the different types of tractors.

Lawn Tractors

One of the most common kinds of tractors is lawn tractors. The main purpose of lawn tractors is to mow the grass, spray for bugs, lay mulch, and do any other common yard tasks.

These tractors are normally used on residential property, and they have a horsepower of around 15-25. If you are looking for a tractor to help you do yard work, a lawn tractor is the best choice for you.

Utility Tractors

If you own a farm and only have the budget to buy one tractor, you should buy a utility tractor. Utility tractors can help you perform tasks such as plowing, pulling heavy items, cutting hay, and harvesting crops.

These tractors typically come with horsepower between 40 and 120, so they should have no issue getting work done. Utility tractors have diesel or gasoline engines.

Compact Tractors

Do you need a tractor that is a little smaller than a utility tractor? If so, you should consider getting a compact tractor. These tractors are best used in vineyards or for picking fruit.

They are smaller than regular tractors, meaning they are easier to navigate through tight spaces. Also, you can adjust how far these tractors sit off the ground. Because they are smaller, they use less gas than other types of tractors.

Row Crop Tractors

Another one of the best tractor options for farm owners is row crop tractors. These tractors are larger than utility tractors and work best for farmers that plant their crops in rows. Farmers can use these tractors to plow, control weeds, and level the ground.

Some of the best things about these tractors are that they have high ground clearance, are easy to drive, and have plenty of fuel storage.

Because these tractors are bigger and easier to use, they cost more money. Tractor Package Deals allows you to save money on your agricultural tractor.

Industrial Tractors

Industrial tractors are used for more than mowing the grass or plowing a field. These tractors work well with cranes and are capable of pulling heavy objects. Some common types of industrial tractors include bulldozers, backhoes, and loaders.

Which of These Types of Tractors Is Best for You?

Whether you need a new tractor to mow your lawn or one for industrial purposes, there is the perfect tractor for you. Before purchasing your new tractor, be sure to consider the different types of tractors so that you make the best decision.

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