Propane vs Diesel Generator
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Propane vs Diesel Generator: Which Is Better for You?

Power outages threaten the lives of 150 million people in the United States as winter enters. Extreme weather conditions such as this call for the help of electric generators.

Still don’t have generators at home? Prepare for possible power outages by buying yourself the right generator. 

Can’t decide between propane vs diesel generator? Then this article is for you! Continue reading and become aware of the pros and cons of propane and diesel generators.

What Is a Propane Generator?

Propane gas is a byproduct of natural gas that is often called Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). Propane gas is a non-toxic green fuel thus you can be sure it’s safe. Propane gas has many uses in industries including standby generators.

Advantages of a Propane Generator

Opting to get a propane generator has many perks which include a longer life span, less noise, and more. Let’s dwell more into that in the sections below.

Propane Gas Is Available Everywhere

To reach customers, diesel and gas need an electrical pump. Meanwhile, you can access propane regardless of weather conditions. How so?

You can keep handy propane gas tanks at home which you can get when a sudden outage occurs. You can buy this tank in every community or have them delivered to your home. 

For diesel generators, you will have to refill your tank at gas stations. This will be hard to do during a natural disaster like a tsunami, and the likes.

It’s Easy to Start Propane Generators

Diesel has trouble starting during cold weather conditions. Meanwhile, propane does not have any temperature-related problems. This means that whatever the temperature is, you can still get your propane generator running. 

Propane Gas Have Longer Lifespan

Propane gas has long shelf life as it does not degrade even if you use it a few times. Propane engine generators are also not prone to “wet-stacking” of fuel injectors. Thus, lesser chance for maintenance.

It can run longer depending on the size of the propane tank. A 500-gallon propane tank can last for a week. Propane also costs less than diesel or gasoline which can help you save on fuel costs.

A Friend of the Environment

Propane produces lesser greenhouse gas than diesel or gasoline. It is also a clean-burning fuel so the environmental impact is less damaging than gas or diesel.

Disadvantages of a Propane Generator

Much as a propane standby generator has its perks, the drawback is also something to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at the cons of propane generators.

Fuel Tank Goes Hand-in-Hand with Propane Gas

As we’ve mentioned above, you will need to have a propane tank in your house. This will mean extra costs for the physical tank and the installation of the tank. Installation cost varies between the type of tank you choose.

Underground propane tank is more expensive than above-ground propane tanks. You will also have to count on the maintenance fee of the tank.

Less Efficient Than Alternative Fuels

Another drawback of propane generators is that it consumes fuel faster. Compared to diesel, propane gas burns faster so you’ll need to have a big tank to ensure it runs longer.

What Is a Diesel Generator?

Diesel is a fuel refined crude oil. Diesel fuels most vehicles including buses, trains, and trucks. You can also use it across industries like agriculture and construction.

Diesel also powers generators that you can use in different areas. A lot of institutes, facilities, and households use diesel generators as power supply backup.

Advantages of Diesel Generators

Between propane vs diesel generator, the latter proves to have a lot of pros. This includes less maintenance cost, durability, and efficiency. Continue reading to find out more about the advantages of diesel generators.

Diesel Generators Have Less Maintenance

Did you know that diesel engine generators need fewer components to start? This means that there will be less chance for spark plugs which in turn results in lesser maintenance. Diesel doesn’t have distributor caps so you won’t have to spend money changing or repairing them. 

Diesel Generators Are More Fuel Efficient

An efficient compression-ignition system power diesel generators. This means that it translates to high temperature thus has greater power output. It does so with less fuel consumption thus you won’t need to keep refueling.

Diesel Generators Are More Durable

Diesel generators are sturdy as they’re built tough. This means that they can withstand extreme weather conditions and hard work. Diesel generators enjoy longer lifespan as it runs cooler than other units.

Diesel Generators Are Versatile

You can use diesel generators across different industries. You can use it to power equipment needed in farming, carpentry, and more. These benefits of diesel generators also apply to used diesel generators.

Disadvantages of Diesel Generators

While diesel generators have many great aspects, you’ll also have to consider fuel costs, storage, supply, and more. Keep reading to learn more about the disadvantages of diesel generators.

Initial Cost of Diesel Generators

While diesel generators need less maintenance, the initial cost for buying the generator is more expensive. It is also worthy to note that diesel gas is more expensive than propane.

Limited Fuel Storage Capacity

Another disadvantage of diesel generators is that it has a limited storage room. This means that you’ll be needing constant refueling especially if the tank is small.

Diesel Generators Are Noisy

Diesel generators are famous for being noisy. The backup commercial generator in diesel units makes a lot of noise and is loud so you’ll need to install a sound attenuated enclosure. This will help lessen the noise made by the generator.

Diesel Generators Produce Smoky Emissions

Diesel generators produce an exhaust that has a strong odor. Unlike propane, these are toxic when you inhale a large amount for a long time. This can cause harm to humans along with animals and may result in fatalities. 

Choose Between a Propane vs Diesel Generator Today

Use the guide above to know which generator is the right one for you. Choose between propane vs diesel generator today!

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