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Commercial Work Trucks: How to Choose the Best Pickup for Work

Do you know the best-selling vehicle in the USA in 2020?

If you said the Ford F-Series then you would be right. Ford sold over 780,000 models during 2020 despite turbulent economic conditions. 

Trucks are consistently the most purchased vehicles amongst both family and business vehicle users. 

If you are a business user, you may use trucks for a whole range of tasks. So which model would you choose for your fleet? What commercial work trucks are available?

Why not read on to learn how you can choose the best work truck for your needs. 

Cab Size and Trim Levels

Regular-sized cabs are the cheapest option that you can find. But they may lack some advantages that you will need for your specific business.

For instance, if you send crews out for long days of work, an extended cab may allow you to send only one truck with a larger crew instead of two trucks. One customization can save you thousands of dollars. 

There are many other cab sizes and shapes available including options that provide accommodation, storage facilities, and increased legroom. 

It would be best to sit down and make a list of what you will actually use the trucks for and what you need from them. 

The same is true when you consider the trim levels that you will choose. Each pickup truck model will provide different options. Some simple and others very extensive, the Toyota Tundra trim levels are a good example of this. 

The Bed

If you are choosing a work pickup over a car, you are obviously looking to transport or carry heavy materials or machinery. Your choice of bed is crucial to how you will use this vehicle.

Each model will have beds of different dimensions and allow you to cover or protect this area in a different way. Why not consider the dimensions of the materials you will carry before making your final choice?

Engines and Fuel Economy

If you are towing or carrying heavy loads in your trucks the size of the engine will be a key consideration. 

If you need serious power you invest as high as a v8 or a large diesel engine. When you make this choice, you will want to take into account the mileage the truck will do. High-powered utility trucks do not come with a reputation for efficient fuel consumption.

How To Choose the Right Commercial Work Trucks for Your Business and More

Buying a work truck for a business is a heavy investment, one that you need to get right the first time. By considering the principles and examples in our guide, you will be able to choose commercial work trucks that meet your companies needs. 

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