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How Many Different Types of Tires Are There?

Did you know that consumer regulation specialists regard tires as the most important safety feature on a car? We did, which is exactly why we are giving you the inside scoop on all things tires!

There are tons of different types of tires, and knowing which one you need could help make your ride a lot smoother and safer! So, before you make the mistake of getting the wrong tires…Let’s take a look at some common special tire styles.

Winter Tires

The winter is a dangerous time to be on the road; however, you can take comfort that you are less likely to skid with winter tires. Winter tires are thicker and feature deeper grooved tread than other tire styles, which helps the tire get more traction on icy or snowy streets.

Other tires can harden in colder temperatures, but winter tires are made with specialized rubber that prevents this from happening. Keep in mind that these tires are specially designed for icy or snowy conditions, and they are actually illegal in some states because of their design.

Off-Road Tires

Off-Road tires are often used on lifted trucks or other off-road style vehicles, and they are often paired with specialized wheels such as fuel wheels. These types of tires can withstand hard impacts because of their design. They have thick and deep grooves to help the tires get traction on sandy or muddy ground, so they are great for adventure sports!

Performance Tires

These tires are built to withstand higher speeds, and they deliver superior handling. Performance tires have strong sidewalls made with soft rubber to help with maneuverability and grip on the asphalt. Keep in mind that these tires are great for show, but they have a shorter lifespan than other tires.

Low-Profile Tires

For anyone who enjoys being in their car for long leisurely drives, the low-profile tire is a perfect choice. Low-profile tires have a thinner sidewall to allow for larger rims and a smoother ride. Their design makes handling and maneuverability easier for the driver.

Low-profile tires also have wider tread, which helps the tire grip better on the road. For most people, the low-profile tire offers a more luxurious look to the vehicle than other styles.

Ribbed Tires

Ribbed tires have a special ribbed tread that makes them a great choice for a tire with longevity. These tires can handle high-mileage and lots of time on the highway. Their ribbed design makes handling easier in inclement weather and increases stability for the driver even with a heavy load.

The Different Types of Tires

There are many different types of tires, but there is no one tire that is better than the rest. These tires are great for different reasons, so use this guide to help you find which tire is best for your individual needs!

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