Common Driving Violations
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Most Common Driving Violations and How to Avoid Them

An astounding 112,000 drivers are issued tickets for speeding every day, meaning 1 in 6 Americans are at risk of being caught for this common violation. While speeding is a frequent infraction, it’s far from the only mistake drivers make every day.

Keep reading to learn the most common driving violations and how to avoid them.

Running a Stop Sign 

A stop sign is not a suggestion. They are installed at accident-heavy areas like intersections, crosswalks, and some highway entrance ramps. Everyone on the road must come to a complete stop at these signs, including cyclists.

You should always come to a smooth and complete stop at the white line on the roadway before proceeding. Pedestrians have the right of way at marked crosswalks. Failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign could result in a fine of about $350 and potential points on your license.   

Driving Through a Traffic Light 

Like driving or rolling through a stop sign, failing to stop at a traffic light may lead to heavy fines. Many traffic lights now have cameras that capture the images and license plate numbers of drivers who commit moving violations. Even if you didn’t get pulled over, you might find a ticket in your mailbox. 

Failing to Use Your Turn Signals 

Turn signals are an often overlooked responsibility. Neglecting to use turn signals results in around 2 million auto accidents each year. It’s an essential tool to communicate with others on the road where you plan to go.

Turn signals must be used when at least 100 ft before turning (even in a left or right turn only lane), changing lanes, exiting roundabouts, leaving an acceleration or entrance ramp, turning off at a highway exit, in parking lots, and when parallel parking.

If, for any reason, your turn signals don’t work (or you are riding a bicycle), you should use hand signals instead to indicate to others where to are going. It’s a good practice to use your signals even when no one is immediately around you. 


Tailgaiting is one of the top reasons for rear-end collisions. It is driving so close to the car in front of you that a sudden stop could cause a crash. This act is not legal and subject to fine; however, it happens so often that it is not enforced as often as it should be.

Tailgating is often a result of road rage. It puts the driver and passengers of the car in front of the tailgater in danger and the instigator. Fines and demerit points are consequences of this common driving violation. 

Illegal Passing 

No passing zones are typically labeled or not allowed when conditions limit your view. There is no passing on roadways with sharp curves, hills, nearby intersections or railroad crossings, or solid yellow lines. Passing on the right is illegal in certain states.

You may pass vehicles like mail delivery trucks on the side of the road, and you can navigate around it. It’s illegal to pass a school bus that is slowed down or stopped with its lights on and/or stop sign deployed. 

How many of these examples of traffic violations have you unknowingly committed? If you want to brush up on the laws, lower your insurance rates, or become a more confident driver, check out this Driver Improvement Course

The Most Common Driving Violations and How to Avoid Them

Everyone rolls through a stop sign or two or forgets to signal on the highway. However, these common driving violations could leave you with hundreds in fines, points on your license, and endanger everyone on the road. Avoid these mistakes by enrolling in a driver improvement course now.

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