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5 Cool Car Accessories to Spice up Your Car’s Interior

Whether you just bought your first car or you’re looking to perk up your current vehicle, interior accessories are a perfect choice. They can usually be installed with minimal hassle and can be changed according to the season.

Moreover, interior accessories can usually be removed to clean and detail your vehicle. In this article, we’ll learn about five cool car accessories that will change your interior for the better. 

Cool Car Accessories for Your Interior

While people customize their cars in all kinds of interesting ways, we will focus just on interior customizations that anyone can do in a matter of minutes. 

1. Floor Mats

Floor mats not only improve the appearance of your car’s interior but also can help protect it from the normal wear and tear that vehicles suffer on a daily basis. Dirt, mud, and salt corrosion can ruin the carpet in your car and cause stains that are impossible to remove.

Floor mats, while looking stylish, are one of the most important car accessories to preserve your vehicle. It is recommended to use heavier mats in winter when snow, rain, and mud are more likely to track up your carpet. 

2. Trunk Liner

Most of us use our trunks to haul around all kinds of things. Whether you’re hauling dirt for your new garden project or just your weekly groceries, a trunk liner can prevent stains in the trunk. It’s also easy to clean as it can be removed and swept. If you are going for a sophisticated look, try a trunk liner with a neutral color that doesn’t clash with the interior’s color. 

3. Seat Protectors

Just like floor mats and trunk liners, seat protectors are crucial to maintaining a clean vehicle free from stains and grime. They can also protect against the discoloration of leather caused by the sun.

In addition, accessories like this seat protector help you feel more comfortable when sitting in the car for extended periods of time. Say no more to uncomfortable road trips!  

4. Steering Wheel Cover

A steering wheel cover can be added to contribute some color to your interior. Additionally, they can be purchased in different materials and at any price point. Add a sleek leather steering wheel cover to make your vehicle appear more luxurious or a fuzzy pink cover to add sass. The choice is yours! 

5. Interior LED Lighting

If you’re looking for fun car accessories, LED lighting is a perfect choice. It allows you to add your favorite color to your car’s interior, and is easy to install yourself. It’s also cost-effective. 

For the best results, try to hide the LED stips in places where they aren’t visible when the lights are turned off. If you want to go all out, opt for music activated LED strip lights that change with the beat of the car stereo. 

Personalizing Your Car

With interior accessories, you can keep your car clean and stylish, all while personalizing it to your own taste! What other cool car accessories have you added to your car? Let us know how you’ve personalized your interior!