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This Is Exactly How Your Car’s Exhaust System Works

When you’d like to learn more about caring for your vehicle, it’s important to learn how its most critical systems work. The exhaust system is one of the most foundational pieces of the puzzle that makes your car run smoothly.

By learning the ins and outs of the exhaust system, you are automatically a more informed and prepared vehicle owner.

This guide teaches you some core information about your car’s exhaust system so that you know how to take care of it. 

A Guide to Your Car’s Exhaust System

So how does the exhaust system work? Here are the fundamental you should know:

1. Get to Know the Manifold

The manifold is the part of the system that bridges the gap between the engine and other parts of the exhaust. The cylinders are connected to this manifold, which is where the air is circulated and dispensed through a series of tubes.

Since the manifold is so critical for your exhaust system, you should have it regularly inspected and repaired.

2. Know the Role of the Oxygen Sensor and Catalytic Converter

Your car’s oxygen sensor plays a huge role in the exhaust systems, especially for newer model vehicles. This sensor provides clear and accurate readouts of oxygen levels. 

These readouts better allow your vehicle to optimize the way it burns fuel. In many situations, you will notice a dip in performance along with a check engine light indicator when something is off with your oxygen sensor. 

This part works in accordance with the catalytic converter, which acts as a filtration system to clean up your emissions. 

3. Figure Out What Type of Exhaust Pipe Your Car Has

The final leg of your vehicle’s exhaust system is the tailpipe. This is the metal pipe that you see sticking out of the back of the vehicle where your exhaust is expelled. 

Your car will generally either have a single exhaust or a dual exhaust. You need to make sure that this part is kept clean and well-maintained so that your exhaust system works without missing a beat. 

4. Get an Emissions Test

To really make sure that your exhaust system is working properly, you should take it in for an emissions test. 

Look into the emissions test requirements where you live to make certain that yours is handled appropriately. Some states require you to get one of these tests every couple of years in order to keep your vehicle registered. 

After the test, you will get readouts so that you can spot areas of improvement. 

Find a Performance Auto Center that can take care of any work that you need. 

Take Great Care of Your Vehicle Exhaust System

Your car’s exhaust system is better off when you follow these tips and take it to a repair shop. This will let your vehicle run with cleaner emissions and better performance. 

Contemplate these guidelines so that you can keep learning more about how your car works, and become more responsible as an owner. 

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