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Rule the Road: Car Interior Decoration Ideas to Transform Your Ride

Is your commute across town feeling stale and boring? Would your friends rather Uber than ride with you?

Sometimes all your car needs is a facelift. A complete overhaul doesn’t have to be the trial you imagine. With some quick and easy changes, you can make your vehicle a fun ride with a gorgeous interior.

For a fresh new look in your vehicle, check out the car interior decoration ideas below.

Cover Surfaces

Decorate the surfaces of your car to up its cool factor. One of the best ways to decorate your car is to reinstall the upholstery if you have the budget. Remove the doors and reupholster the side panels with new fabric or leather.

However, that can get expensive. It’s cheaper to look for a steering wheel cover you like that fits with your decor theme. Getting seat covers is another good way to change the main interior colors without overspending.

Check out backseat covers, too. While many drivers only cover the front seats, backseat covers help transform the whole interior. If you plan to have passengers a lot, then backseat covers are a must to complete the look.

Use Interior Lighting

One of the best ways to pimp your ride is to buy EL wire for your car. Install it around the dashboard and consoles to give it an ultra-cool glow when you’re driving at night. Choose from all different colors, whichever you like best for your new interior decor theme.

Electroluminescent lights aren’t like incandescent bulbs. Instead, the material inside the lights glows because of the electric current running through it. It’s the science behind LED lights, and one of the reasons they are so much more energy efficient.

EL wire is also moisture resistant and durable, and you can even order lights with a sound-activated option. That way when your music is playing, your interior lights automatically come on.

If the goal is to go all out when you decorate your car, add even more lights. Install LED strips under the dashboard to illuminate the floor. Then your car will really glow at night.

Maximize Rearview Mirror Potential

Everyone riding in the car is looking forward, including you as the driver. That means anything hanging from the rearview mirror is always going to be the main piece of decor. It’s the first thing they see and the focus of the whole trip.

Check the laws in your state about what’s hanging from your rearview mirror. Each state is different, and you never want to do anything that’s illegal or dangerous to you or your passengers. It’s not hard to learn how to decorate a car and stay safe at the same time.

Because of Covid-19, everyone has a mask hanging from their rearview mirror. Instead of this mask-chic style or a 90s fuzzy dice option, choose something more stylish. For example, choose an object that brings back memories from a vacation, like a necklace or keychain.

You can also decorate with mementos from a loved one, like a dreamcatcher, or a souvenir from a special event, like a VIP pass from a concert or the tassel from your graduation cap.

Custom Embellishments

Still wondering how to decorate your car? Add other embellishments to customize the interior, things like the knobs on your temperature controls. Order new covers that match the color theme you chose for the lights.

You can change other plastic coverings that are part of the dash and console, too. For example, did you know the steering column and plastic Y piece in the center of the steering wheel are replaceable?

Change out the vents to colored ones, too, and while you’re at it, give yourself an upgrade. Choose from vents that swivel or have decorative grate patterns.

Even More Car Interior Decoration Ideas

As you learn how to decorate your car interior, you’ll find there are endless possibilities in the details. Car interiors are full of small spaces, which are opportunities to add decoration. Add cupholder coasters to soak up moisture and bring style to the bottom of the cupholder space.

Install air fresheners, whether in the back window, around the mirror, or in the vents. Some new vehicles come with a built-in vase for flowers, although you can install one even if it’s not standard on your model.

Add new floor mats to brighten up the space or tame it a little, depending on the pattern and color you choose. This also helps with cleanliness, if you remove old, stained mats and sub them for water- and stain-resistant ones.

As long as you’re upgrading your car’s features, include new tech, like tablet holders for the back of the front seats. That way backseat passengers can watch the show of their choice. Think about other essentials like organizers, baskets, or a trash can to keep the interior tidy.

You’ll appreciate another special feature: add a magnetic cell phone charger or phone holder. If you spend any time at all in traffic and you do a lot of business on your phone, keeping it close to make hands-free calls during your commute is important. It’s an elegant way to solve the problem of your phone in your pocket, cup holder, or a vent-mounted cell holder that keeps falling off.

If you’re upgrading an older car, focus on modern comforts. Why not add a heated steering wheel cover or a heated seat pad? There’s no need to ride around in an old car that feels like an older model when you can have modern comforts instead.

Personalized Comforts

When you drive a vehicle with personalized details, you’ll ride in comfort and your passengers will be impressed. These custom car interior decoration ideas can give your vehicle the attention it deserves and the features you need on the road.

Whether you start with new surfaces, interior lighting, or the rearview mirror, your interior decorating project is waiting. You’ll love your specialized vehicle when you’ve finished these improvements!

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