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Top 6 Best Motorcycles for Road Trips

Riding a motorcycle comes with a unique thrill. Many motorcycle fans get started to add some spark to their lives. While this is a fine reason to ride motorcycles, don’t forget that they’re also useful and versatile vehicles.

Cycles’ narrow profiles let you squeeze through tight gaps that cars can’t navigate, and finding parking isn’t a concern. Best of all, motorcycles with rugged builds let you go on a cross country motorcycle trip now and then. The best motorcycles for road trips give you an opportunity to zip around on and off the road with a freedom that cars don’t allow.

Yet, not every bike is appropriate for going on a motorcycle road trip. If you want a cycle built right for the job, take a look at this list for inspiration.

1. Live the Dream: Traveling the Country on a Harley

No biker image is more classic than friends riding into the sunset on a Harley. Harley-Davidson bikes, nicknamed hogs by loving fans, have been a top favorite for decades.

Harley-Davidson’s huge fanbase and big reputation aren’t undeserved. Their bikes are attractive and are a status symbol, but that’s not all. They’re also tuned for perfection in performance and comfort.

One of Harley’s 2020 bikes, the Electra Glide, rides like it sounds. This 6-speed touring bike is built for long, smooth rides.

Its seat is positioned to give you control over the hog, and Harley built its features for convenience. It offers a one-touch saddlebag and a GPS and infotainment system to make your life easy. The Electra Glide’s excellent build ensures you make good memories on your trips…and don’t come away with memories of jerks, bumps, and a sore bottom.

2. Get Down to Specifics With Suzuki

Have you ever stopped after a ride in awe of the crazy path you just navigated? Most motorcycles, let alone sport and touring bikes, can do impressive things off-road. If you want to master the terrain you ride over, Suzuki’s V-Strom 1000 ABS is the touring motorcycle for you.

Suzuki knows you value off-road feats, so the V-Strom includes a traction control system that monitors road conditions and adjusts your bike for the best performance and safety.

If you think performance features like that never come with travel utility and convenience, think again. This bike also gives you three compartments for luggage, along with an optional tank bag.

3. Yamaha Leads the Way

When you’re riding across the country, the last thing you want to do is get lost. Scratching your head for hours at motorcycle road trip maps is a sure way to ruin a great trip. These days, there are navigation apps on smartphones, but it can be inconvenient and isn’t always possible to use them on the road.

Yamaha realized the need for something else and designed the Star Venture Transcontinental. Like the name boasts, this bike is designed for navigating long trips. For performance, it has a strong 8-valve, V-twin engine with a 6-speed transmission.

But a powerful ride alone doesn’t make for a great trip. To make your road trips better, Yamaha included heated seats and grips, and a built-in entertainment hub and premium navigation software. The touchscreen system gets rid of any temptation to fiddle with your phone on the road, which is a huge motorcycle safety risk.

4. Double up on a Honda Bike

Riding solo has its own romance, but most bikers on long trips travel with at least one loved one or biking companion. If you often ride in a pair, the 2020 Honda Gold Wing is a good choice. While it’s a pricier model than some others, buying two high-quality bikes for a pair costs even more.

You can fit two riders on a lot of bikes, but the Gold Wing is designed for it. It’s a little larger than some touring bikes, like the thin Suzuki V-Strom. Yet, it makes good use of space with some of the best motorcycle travel compartments available and comfortable seating that fits two.

It has features like an electronically-adjustable windshield that make safe and smart driving no problem. While it’s excellent for riding in a pair, riding solo on the Gold Wing is a great experience, too.

5. Ride Through the Storm With Kawasaki

Riding through a big thunderstorm sounds romantic, but is dangerous in reality. The best way to ride through a major storm, lightning, and other extreme conditions is to park your bike and find shelter until the storm passes.

If you take the right safety measures, though, riding in the rain can give the same thrill you imagine from riding in a heavy storm with more control.

The futuristic Kawasaki H2 SX SE looks like something out of a video game. What’s better is that riding one is as dreamy as you imagine. If you’re looking for the best bike for rainy road trips and mist, this is a great choice.

Along with increased waterproofing, the H2 SX SE has warming hand grips and LED lights to make rides in the rain safe, easy, and comfortable.

6. Stay Safe and Under Control With KTM

No biker wants a dangerous vehicle, but some motorcycles are safer than others. If you’re looking for the safest motorcycle ride, check out the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT.

This touring bike with an impressive, speedy shifter offers features like cruise control and KTM’s proprietary Hill Hold Control. These features help you navigate difficult roads with the least risk possible. It has a larger-than-normal fuel tank so you can go the distance without worrying about the bike petering out.

Some ways to make any bike safer are keeping up with maintenance and making sure the bike fits you. A bike that’s too tall or short, too wide or too narrow for your build makes you more likely to lose control. Following these guidelines and starting with a bike with good safety features like the Super Duke GT makes you as safe as can be.

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