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How to Run a Business From Your Phone: A Guide

Are you a busy entrepreneur who doesn’t have time to sit in front of a desktop to run business operations? If so, you can easily use your mobile devices to make sure your business runs smoothly even when you’re not in the office.

With the development of technology and everyone being on their phones all the time, running a business from your phone is the future.

Keep reading to learn how to run a business from your phone and enjoy the freedom of being an entrepreneur on the go.

Have a Separate Work Phone

Running a business from home doesn’t mean you should be available 24/7. In fact, you should still set working hours and invest in a separate work phone that you’ll only use for business. This way, once you’re done working, you can put the work phone away until the next morning.

Make a List of Apps and Tools

In order to run a business smoothly from anywhere, you’ll need to install some business tools and apps on your phone. Make a list of the most important tools and make sure you can use them across all platforms, i.e. desktop and tablet.

Most business and collaboration apps have mobile versions so you’ll always have access to important information or answer emails. You’ll need tools for communication, business operations, online tracking of your vehicles or packages, accounting tools, and collaboration tools.

Find Storage Solutions

If you need to store important files, install storage apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, or other similar cloud storage apps. You can even use them offline and sync them with your other devices so you always have access.

Protect each storage app with a strong password to make sure your files and information are safe and secure.

Set Boundaries

Running a business from the road can seem like you’re saving time and being productive, but if you don’t set boundaries, you’ll get overwhelmed and burned out. For example, if you’re always available on Slack to answer messages at any time of the day, you’ll never get any rest.

The same goes for business calls, client requests, notifications, and emails. Separate your business and personal life so you can be happy and balanced in both.

Keep Your Phone Secure

If you run a business exclusively from your phone, make sure to invest in security to keep your phone safe. Phones get hacked all the time, and if you keep important files and communication there, you risk losing a lot.

Don’t use public wi-fi networks when working, as this makes your phone a target for hackers. Make your phone almost impossible to hack by enabling two-step verification, fingerprint unlocking, using strong passwords, and using a VPN.

Now You Know How To Run a Business From Your Phone

Whether you’re a first-time business owner or an experienced entrepreneur, use these tips to learn how to run a business from your phone and skip the office. By using business, accounting, and project management apps, you can grow your business from anywhere.

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