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What Is the Best Ford Truck? Top 5 Options to Consider

Ford trucks are renowned for their reliability. In addition, the last few years have seen Ford really begin to equip their working vehicles with new, innovative features. This means a Ford truck is no longer just for the worker, but can also be an option for the whole family.

We guide you through some of the best Ford truck types available today. We talk about what the model includes, some specifications and help you decide on the best Ford on the market, to suit your needs and budget.

F-150 Raptor

This year’s model of the F-150 Raptor has been universally regarded as one of the best trucks Ford has ever put out. It looks stylish, with the power and utilities you would expect from a modern Ford. It can do everything.

This 4×4 has independent suspension on its front axle, rear differentials, and a number of all-round springs and coils to keep you smooth and safe on even the bumpiest of roads. Adding to this, it has long-travel suspension with trail control and a built-in trailer sway control. You could not be safer.

On the outside, flared front fenders contain the sleek looking air extractors. Wheel lip molding is accented as are the front and rear bumpers. With the bezeled tail lights, it is a beautiful looking machine.

The inside contains many features designed to make your ride easier. The craftsmanship on the upholstery is everything you would expect from Ford. The moldings and fittings are exceptional and you have the option to upgrade the already formidable sound system if you wish.


The Ranger had a strong pedigree at Ford, being introduced in 1958 and continuing production up until 2011. It returned in 2019 to fill a gap in the mid-sized truck market, and it came with excellent credentials. It is available in three models, the XL, XLT and Lariat.

We will take a look at the cheapest option on the market, the Ranger XL. The truck is a 4×2 wheel drive though 4×4 is optional. It has all-round suspension with front and rear gas shock absorbers. The four-wheel disc ABS and trail sway control add extra safety to the vehicle, particularly useful if you are using the 4×2 model.

On the outside it has steel, frame-mounted front bumpers, black wheel lip moldings, and a single rear exhaust. This can give it a slightly utilitarian look, so if you require an upgrade to the visual aspect, Ford has introduced an FX package that enhances the vehicle aesthetics.

The interior follows the same concept. All moldings and fitting are of a high standard with upholstery also being well executed. Optional extras include color productivity screens, cruise control, and lane-keeping systems. Though it may not be as plush as the F-150 Raptor, it is more than an adequate vehicle.

F 4-50 Superduty

The Superduty is a huge machine built for power. With the capability to seat six and a 6.7-liter diesel engine, it is a workhorse that blends itself seamlessly with stylish looks and aesthetics.

As well as being huge in the engine, it comes with a 48-gallon fuel tank on both gas and diesel models. Power steering with a damper and a drive system with manual locking hubs means you will always stay in control of this behemoth. Transmission is a ten-speed automatic as standard.

Inside the truck is where it really comes to life. A host of features are included, including adaptive steering, collision assist, cruise control, land keeping alert systems, and more. It has everything that you would expect from a high specification ford.

This also comes with some really unique optional extras. Ford can include a package to increase the front wheel suspension, build an extra off-road package into it or give you a snowplow kit. All options make this a very versatile truck that can tackle any task thrown at it.

F 2-50 Superduty

Another of the Ford Superduty models, these trucks were designed by Ford to be worked in tough and demanding conditions. Like the 4-50, this model combines the power of a workhorse with extremely good looks and styling.

With six seats it can carry a small crew to a job. A 6.7 liter engine powers this beast, and it has a range of safety features to keep you in control. A four-wheel-drive system, tire pressure monitoring, and advance track all keep the whole machine in your safe hands.

Ford Bronco

Although so far untested, the Ford Bronco is set to return in 2021. For anyone looking for a truck that can be used as an off-roader or family vehicle, it is looking like the Bronco could be a serious option.

The Bronco is set to come in a range of seven models, each of which is tailored for slightly variant usages. Most models will be shipped with a 2.3 l engine, though two models push up to a 2.7.

Each has the classic Ford styling of an old bronco updated for a modern audience. This includes the high ground clearance, classic Ford Bronco fender flares, and can be fitted with optional extras such as a safari bar.

Choosing Your Ford

Once you have a rough idea of what vehicle you want to drive, book a test drive. Make sure your dealer is fine with letting you put it through its paces a little, especially if you will be using the vehicle for off-road work or heavy trailer pulling.

If you still need more advice on which truck or vehicle to choose, let Motorera help. We have a host of articles and product reviews on our website that can help you make the best decision when buying any car, vehicle, or automotive accessory.