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Extreme Vehicle Transformations: Wild and Creative Car Makeover Ideas

Unless you live in a heavily urbanized metropolitan area, you likely own a car. Buying a car is such a normal process that the United States government has its own online guide just for car buyers.

However, while you could choose to replace your current vehicle with a newer one, you could also save a little money and time by attempting a car makeover project. There are several DIY makeovers to try, and quite a few professional options as well.

Let’s explore some of the best car makeover ideas that might help turn your embarrassing ride into a gorgeous set of wheels.

DIY Car Makeovers

If you’re determined to give your car a makeover without hiring a professional, there are plenty of DIY projects you could try. You’ll still need to make a financial or time investment to get these makeovers done, but you may enjoy the creative process.

While there are hundreds of different DIY car makeovers you could try, we gathered up the best and most popular ones to help you enjoy a cleaner, better-smelling, and gorgeous vehicle. Have fun, and be sure to make each makeover your own.

Simple Interior Makeover

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade your car’s interior. If you’re tired of looking at the same colors and fabrics, seat covers and a steering wheel cover could make all the difference.

There are hundreds of covers to choose from, especially if you browse for products online. It’s crucial to measure your seats before purchasing covers, as some may be too small or too loose for your vehicle.

However, most steering wheel covers are one-size-fits-all, allowing you to choose a model with greater ease. Decorating your interior with covers is also a fantastic way to protect your car from damage.

Waterproof car seat protectors can help you avoid upholstery stains. Be sure to choose a set that matches your preferences, car size, and needs. Doing so can help you enjoy a simple makeover with long-lasting (but non-permanent) results.

Deep-Cleaning Makeover

Your car interior can say a lot about you. If the inside of your car is full of trash, dirty laundry, and is generally messy, you may not attract many passengers. Additionally, you’re more likely to experience pest issues like ants and cockroaches.

Keeping your car’s interior clean is a great way to immediately experience a change in air quality, interior smell, and drive-ability. You may find it easier to focus on your driving when you don’t have empty soda bottles rolling across the floorboard!

Of course, some vehicles can benefit from a deep clean. To perform a deep-cleaning makeover on your car, you’ll need a handheld vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloths, a cloth or leather-safe cleaner, and glass cleaner.

To ensure you enjoy the best results, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  1. Dust all surfaces in your car with a dirt-trapping cloth or duster.
  2. Vacuum all cloth or leather surfaces in your car.
  3. Use your cleaning solution and cloths to wipe-down plastic, wood, or metal surfaces.
  4. Wipe all surfaces again with a clean, dry cloth.

When vacuuming, be sure to target the seams in the car seats, the AC vents, and the ceiling. These areas tend to attract set-in dirt and dust, and they’re often ignored during regular cleanings.

Once your vehicle is clean and dirt-free, you can remove any lingering smells by tackling a sweet-scented makeover project.

Sweet-Smelling Makeover

Even the cleanest of cars can smell a little funky, especially if they spent a few weeks or months in a messy state. While some smells may indicate a mechanical issue and should be addressed by a reputable mechanic, others come from set-in grime.

If you’ve vacuumed, removed trash, and wiped down your car’s surfaces, you can expect most lingering smells to disappear within about 72 hours. However, some scents can last far longer, necessitating a deeper clean.

You can help your car smell great again by dusting fabric surfaces with sodium bicarbonate, better known as baking soda. The white powdery stuff will absorb foul smells and can be quickly vacuumed away.

Still, be sure to give the baking soda time to work before suctioning it away. The longer you allow it to sit, the more effectively it’ll be able to remove smells. You could also apply a fabric-safe shampoo.

Vacuuming any remaining moisture away with a wet-vac can help prevent unwanted mold and mildew. Of course, you could also choose to apply a DIY all-natural essential oil spray, or a store-bought fragrance specifically designed for vehicle usage.

Professional Car Makeovers

If you’d rather place your vehicle in the hands of a professional, that’s perfectly fine. A professional technician can offer in-depth services and reasonable prices, all while offering high-quality results.

Professional car makeovers can range from a new paint job to brand-new tinted windows. You could also choose to have your car cleaned inside-and-out, waxed, and maintained. A professional service is bound to result in a stunning makeover.

New Windows

Cracked, unsightly windows aren’t only an eyesore. They can also pose a significant risk to a driver and passengers. If you’ve got tiny cracks or chips in your windshield or windows, you should contact a professional auto glass repair shop for help.

Of course, you could also choose to upgrade your current windows to tinted, UV-resistant ones. Many of us spend hours in our vehicles during the daytime, unaware of just how much UV damage we’re incurring as we sit beneath the sun.

Tinted windows can help keep your skin protected from excess UV damage while driving. And of course, window repairs can help keep your family safe from sudden shattering.

Change the Color

Sometimes all you need is a little change of color. A professional auto painter can help you choose the best coat for your ride. Not only that, but they’ll ensure that that your vehicle transforms into that color while you wait and relax.

Painting your car at home can be disastrous, especially if you’re not familiar with the pre-painting tasks or vehicle-specific paint types. A professional is almost always the better option, and painting prices are often reasonable.

Professional Cleaning

A professional cleaning service might be the best option, especially if you’ve owned your car for many years but failed to keep up with cleaning maintenance. A team of professional cleaners can get every nook and cranny of your vehicle clean and bright.

Anyone who isn’t fond of cleaning, or who isn’t prepared to put the effort into vacuuming, wiping, and shampooing, may benefit from this type of professional car makeover.

Upgrade Your Ride Today

You could choose to give your car a makeover by picking up some new accessories and cleaning it up. You could even get rid of unpleasant smells with a little baking soda, vacuuming, and scented spray.

If you’re looking for a professional touch, there are several more upgrade options available. Either way, you can enjoy a more beautiful and enjoyable ride today by investing in a car makeover.

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