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What Is Windshield Calibration? A Simple Guide

Across the globe, a whopping 1.4 billion cars flood roads. While we largely take those machines for granted given how common they are, the engineering that goes into vehicles is incredible.

From a car’s incredible engine to its ability to convert gas into energy, being behind the wheel means sitting behind hundreds of years of incredible innovations. Among those innovations is the car windshield.

You might not think it but windshield technology is a real thing and for it to work, calibration is necessary.

Not sure what we’re talking about? No problem!

Below, we briefly discuss the ins and outs of windshield calibration and why it’s important.

An Introduction to ADAS

ADAS is an acronym that is synonymous with windshield calibration. It stands for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems.

If your car is from the year 2011 or newer, there’s a good chance it has an ADAS system installed. Common ADAS features might include adaptive cruise control, blind-spot detection, frontal collision avoidance, and more.

These features save drivers from accidents every year.

What Does ADAS Have to Do With Windshield Calibration?

ADAS and windshield calibration are related because many ADAS systems are mounted on windshields.

For example, a car with a frontal collision warning system might have a small camera mounted to its front windshield. If that windshield isn’t installed correctly and properly checked through calibration, it could experience technical difficulties.

The process of calibrating your windshield is essentially the process of making sure that all of the technology attached to your windshield is functioning properly through rigorous testing.

What Happens If a Windshield Is Not Calibrated?

If you chose to swap out a windshield and decided against engaging windshield calibration services, what’s the worst that could happen? Unfortunately, some pretty bad things…

A camera on your windshield that’s not calibrated after glass replacements or repairs may not read the road correctly. Now, imagine using adaptive cruise control and your car relying on its camera to know when to stop behind a vehicle.

With flawed vision, your camera could send your car flying into another vehicle which could result in injury and even death.

How Long Does the Windshield Calibration Process Take

The question of how long you’ll need to wait for windshield calibration to be done depends on the sophistication of your car’s technology. Generally, calibration involves about an hour of a professional driving your car. They do so at a set speed to let cameras and sensors get their bearings.

Issues that require adjustments would add to that time.

Windshield Calibration Saves Lives

Windshield calibration is a process that’s not widely known about. Still, it takes place whenever an ADAS-equipped car leaves a factory. Keep the importance of calibration in mind any time you have work done to your vehicle. Even a small technological error could cost you your life.

We hope our post answered your windshield questions. If you have more, feel free to browse additional car-related content in our blog!