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How to Keep Your Car Clean: 7 Simple Tips

The average lifespan of a passenger car is 10.8 years.

A car is a valuable asset. Whether you drive the professional Sedan or an SUV, you should keep the vehicle clean and well-maintained. Proper cleaning and maintenance increase the lifespan of the car, and also, makes you more comfortable in it.

If you recently bought a new ride or you are planning to buy one, here are useful tips on how to keep your car clean. Most of these practices are DIY, but you can still involve a car washing expert to help you when necessary.

1. Get a Car Trash Bin

You probably know how a car accumulates trash quickly, mainly if you have kids. Even without the kids, you or your passengers may drop papers, bottles, and all sorts of waste, which could make the car dirty and unappealing.

A trash bin can save you the time you spend on collecting the dirt. It can also maintain the cleanliness of your car, and make the environment quite conducive.

There are two common products designed for car garbage and trash. The first one is the can, and the other one is a bag. Find out the best bin for your vehicle and use it well. Remember to empty it every day to avoid spillage, or a bad odor in your car.

2. Use Simple Storage Solutions

Besides the trash bin, you will still need small packages to keep your essential things. If you place your books, your vegetables, and other stuff on the car, the vehicle will look dirty and disorganized. 

Assuming that there are many passengers in the vehicle, how would the car look like?

There are many simple but effective storage options for vehicles. You can either buy it at the store, or try DIY. One package can’t be enough, and you can make as many as ten. 

You will be using these packages to keep your pens, books, baby wipes, and other personal items. The simple storage systems will not only keep your car clean, but organized as well.

3. Protect the Car With Car Covers

Car covers keep the car clean when you are not using it. The covers come in many types, textures, colors, and sizes to fit every car owner’s needs. Due to their versatility, you can customize your car cover, which offers maximum protection to your car.

Some covers are specifically designed for the seats, while others cover the entire car when you are not using it. 

You may learn more about the available car covers in the market to make an informed decision.

4. Limit the Things You Keep in the Car

Not everything is meant to be kept in the car. Some fluids, for instance, are hazardous and can cause permanent stains in your vehicle. Plus, the more you keep many things in the car, the more you will have a hard time arranging them.

The basic things you can keep in the car are those you will use during the trip. You can leave the other stuff at home if they are not necessary.

Also, make it a habit to empty all the things in your car once you get home. If you leave them there overnight, the car will be stuffy and hard to clean the following day.

5. Keep the Car Seats Clean

Car seats accumulate all types of dirt. From dust to stains, the seats may get messy and make your stay in the car quite uncomfortable. Too many stains and dirt in the vehicles may make the vehicle smelly, and may even facilitate the damage of the seats.

Car seat cleaning is easy, and you can do it on your own. You only need the right cleaning detergents, clean water, and a soft cloth. You might also need a vacuum cleaner to remove the small particles and debris which cannot be hand-picked.

However, you should be choosy on the type of detergent you use on the car seats. Different materials have unique cleaning agents. Follow the car user’s guide to find the exact cleaning procedure you should use.

Remember to spray the seats with a mild sprayer when you are done cleaning. Also, clean and disinfect them regularly.

6. Find a Convenient Parking

It can be hard to get a great parking spot in today’s busy streets. If you park it near an industrial setup, it will accumulate smoke, and it will be prone to the industrial chemical hazards. 

Also, the car will be prone to human damage if parked along busy streets.

The ideal parking space should be free from pollutants and adverse weather effects. At home, you can create an ample parking space with good roofing. At work, you can find a convenient place that can offer maximum protection to your car.

A right parking spot may not entirely protect your car from getting dirty, but it will reduce its vulnerability to dirt and human damage.

7. Observe Regular Car Maintenance

Both new and old cars require regular car maintenance. There are many aspects that you can’t handle unless you seek help from a professional mechanic.

When you take the car for maintenance, the experts will inspect all the parts of the vehicle, and do the necessary repairs.

After that, they will clean all the car parts to enhance its appeal. Professional cleaners have a wide array of cleaning detergents that work well for all types of vehicles. They can give you helpful advice on keeping your car clean.

So, when you observe regular car maintenance, you will keep your car clean and in excellent condition too.

Learn More on How to Keep Your Car Clean 

A clean car has both functional and aesthetic benefits. While you may be able to prevent it from getting dirty, you can apply our tips above on how to keep your car clean. 

Besides cleanliness, the right practices will prolong the lifespan of your favorite ride. You can also apply more tips in addition to the above, provided that they add value to your vehicle. 

Vehicle maintenance can be hard, mainly if you have limited knowledge of the various car parts. Our blog helps car owners to learn more about cars so that they can handle the small repairs on their own. Please read the rest of our articles to get more car cleaning tips and information on car repairs and maintenance.