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The 8 Different Types of Motorcycles Available on the Market Today

The sound and style of a motorcycle is often recognizable from even the most out-of-the-loop fans. Diehard enthusiasts will tell you, though, that there are a lot of different motorcycles out there.

When you want to be a motorcycle owner, or expand your collection, you need to know the types out on the market these days.

We have you covered. With 8 common types, there is a lot to cover. Let’s get started.

The Types of Motorcycles to Buy and Maintain

The motorcycle market has all sorts of motorcycle types. They can range from sleek racers to sturdy long-trip drives. 

While this is only a basic overview, these different types hint at the different type of maintenance they need. When you need parts, such as CB750 gauge parts, consider the type of bike you are working with. 

1. The Standard

The most common type of motorcycles, the standard has an ergonomic structure with upright positioning for a comfortable ride. 

There are some versions of the standard with a bit of power and handling upgrades that some refer to as “Sport Standard”. 

2. The Cafe Racer/Scrambler

These two are specialty variations on the standard bike type. The cafe racer has a forward-leaning seat while the scrambler has a few dirt bike design nods.

The two different variations focus on a sporty distance from the main standard type, with the cafe racer having a racing flair while the scrambler having an off-road feel. 

3. The Sport Bike

Sport bikes are the type of motorcycle seen often in motorbike races.

They are sleek and built for speed and handling. They often have lighter frames and a lot more horsepower. 

4. The Touring Motorbikes

Touring bikes are the massive bikes designed for long road trips. They feature a relaxed riding position and rear-set handlebars.

You can find many touring bikes with storage space or comforts like heated seats. 

5. The Sport Touring Motorbike

As the name implies, the sport touring back takes the relaxed seating design of the touring model and the speed and horsepower of the sport bike in an odd fusion.

This hybrid style bike can act in either of the previous categories, though it lacks the full comforts of the touring bike nor the sheer speed of the sport bike, instead opting for a relaxed middle ground. 

6. The Cruiser

What is often seen as “the classic bike”, the cruiser is the style of bike for casual riding in an afternoon.

The traditional build has low seats and semi-forward handlebars and footpegs. This design puts comfort in a high position without sacrificing too much power in the engine. 

7. The Adventure Bike

Adventure bikes, or ADVs, are bikes with a specialized suspension that allow for it to hit any terrain with ease. 

Do you need some solid off-roading potential or a long highway road trip? An adventure bike’s purpose is to do what it says in the title, go on an adventure. 

8. The Dual-Sport Motorbike

The dual-sport motorbike takes the off-road approach in a dirt bike equivalent that has a lot of power and a desperate need for off-road driving.

Because of the narrow seat and rough handling, it is not a bike for long roads. 

Well-Kept and Road Safe

With a good rundown of the various types of motorcycles, you can have a good handle on what the market looks like. Which motorcycle speaks to you?

When you need advice on repairs and restorations, or anything auto and motor, we here at Motor Era are happy to help. Contact us today for more information!