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How to Replace a Car Battery Safely

When was the last time you replaced your car battery? It should last you for about six years, but this depends on how you treat it and the climate you live in.

Eventually, all car batteries die, and when this happens, you’ll need to replace it. Knowing how to replace a car battery can save you time and money by being able to do it yourself.

Keep reading to learn how to replace your car battery safely.

Find Your Battery

The first thing you need to do is find your old battery. For the majority of vehicles, the battery is located under the hood of the car.

Once under the hood, it could be anywhere from right behind a headlight to up by the windshield. If you don’t immediately see it, try looking under a plastic cover.

If the battery isn’t under the hood, don’t panic. Try looking under a seat inside the car or in the trunk

Disconnect the Old Battery

When you go to disconnect the battery, you should start with the negative terminal first. Then disconnect the positive terminal. If you’re lucky, there’s a quick-release latch that makes disconnection easy.

Many cars still require you to use a wrench to loosen the bolts on the terminals. Manufacturers vary in the size they use, so check your manual or test a few wrenches until you find the right one.

Turn the bolt to the left to loosen it. The bolts should be snug but not too tight. Never let the wrench touch both terminals at the same time.

This will conduct electricity and could create sparks or a shock to you. The last thing you want around your gasoline engine is sparks.

Once you remove the terminals, tuck them out of the way.

Install the New Battery

Once the old battery is out, you’ll drop the new lithium battery into the empty space. Then you’ll perform the removal steps backward to secure and connect your new battery.

Start by securing the battery with the retaining system. This will keep the battery secure and immobile while you connect the terminals. Connect the positive terminal first. Don’t let the wrench come into contact with other metal.

Then connect the negative terminal. Make sure both terminals are secure but not too tight, or you risk breaking them. Your final step is to replace any plastic covers.

Remember How to Replace a Car Battery

Now that you’ve learned how to replace a car battery, keep these steps in mind. When the dreaded day comes, and your battery dies, you can replace it with ease.

Make sure you stay safe while changing your battery. Always disconnect and connect the positive and negative terminal in the right order. You also want to be careful not to damage the batteries while removing and installing them.

Be sure to download the repair manual for your car before you get started working on your vehicle.