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Outside Car Cover: 5 Key Benefits of Car Covers

We shouldn’t have to tell you that vehicles these days represent a significant investment. As a matter of fact, the average new car runs nearly $40,000. With a price tag like that, it’s imperative that you protect your purchase.

One of the best ways to do that is by investing in an outside car cover.

Outside car covers are foldable pieces of vinyl, Sunbrella fabric or similar materials that you can drape over your vehicle whenever it’s parked for an extended period. If you’ve seen these covers around but haven’t taken the leap towards buying one, here’s why you should.

1. They Protect Your Paint

Today’s car paint jobs are much more capable of standing up to prolonged sun exposure than they were decades ago. Still, if you park your car outside every day for hours at a time, your paint is going to fade.

Car covers are exceptional at reflecting UV rays which will do wonders for keeping your vehicle looking fresh. Given that it can cost over $1000 to prep and repaint a vehicle, that benefit is worth having.

2. Dings and Scratches Will Reduce Significantly

If you’re like most people, no matter where you park your car, you’re going to attract the occasional dings and scratches. Rather than just resigning yourself to that fate, outdoor car covers may protect you from what seems inevitable.

Just about any car cover will insulate your vehicle from scratches. Heavy-duty ones may provide enough protection to absorb those dreaded door dings.

3. Better Security

When a thief comes down your block to steal a car, they’re looking for the easiest target. An outside car cover makes it so that target isn’t your vehicle.

Not only can thieves not scope out your car if it’s covered but the prospect of having to wrestle with a car cover as they’re trying to pull a quick job will make it so your property isn’t worth the hassle.

4. Protection Against Damaging Weather

Whether it’s extreme heat or hail coming down from the sky and bouncing off of your car’s windshield, weather can be among the greatest threats to your vehicle’s health and resale value.

Outside car covers can absorb most of the impact of damaging weather which means that while all of your neighbors are lining up at a body shop after a storm, you’ll be enjoying your weekend at home.

5. A High Return on Investment

With all of the outstanding benefits that an outside car cover can bring to your life, you’d think that they’d be expensive. Fortunately, they’re not thanks to the volume of buying options that there are online.

Throw a stone on the internet and you’re liable to find an advertisement like “We cover your gear. Semi-custom and custom made to order covers for Boat, Jetski, Bimini, Car, Snowmobile, Motorcycle, Trike.

All it takes is a quick click, a price comparison and just like that, you’ll be protecting your investment at a great rate.

Pick up an Outside Car Cover Today and Keep Your Vehicle at Its Best

An outside car cover represents an affordable way to keep your vehicle looking like it just rolled off the lot. After trying one out, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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