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7 of the Greatest GPS Tracking Devices for Cars

There are many reasons why you need to know the exact location and driving conditions of your car. You might need to be able to reference your vehicle’s performance history or track your car in the event it’s stolen. Or perhaps you’re an Uber or Lyft driver and need to keep your own records on all of your fares.

Either way, there are plenty of tracking devices for cars to choose from with these exact functions. We’ll provide valuable insight on hidden GPS tracking for cars to make your decision-making process a bit easier. So read on to learn about the best GPS tracking devices for cars.

1. The RetrieverLTE GPS Tracker

First on our list of the best car GPS tracker is this waterproof, battery-powered, rechargeable GPS tracker. It helps you recover your asset if it is ever stolen and can easily locate your asset within minutes. You can also monitor and track your vehicle from your cell phone or computer in real-time.

The Retriever LTE GPS tracker prioritizes keeping you updated on any changes to the placement of your vehicle. This phenomenal tracker will monitor your asset all day, every day with real-time alerts. If your vehicle is moved, you will receive alerts on your phone right away.

Another great asset is how easy it is to set up this device. There aren’t any wires, but instead, a magnetic backing to make installation easier. Plus, the RetrieverLTE GPS tracker will update its location every five minutes while it’s moving.

2. The ScorpionLTE GPS Tracker

Another useful GPS trailer tracker is the ScorpionLTE Wired Vehicle GPS. With it, you can pinpoint your vehicle within feet. It offers a 10-30 V DC and overvoltage protection, which is a great added touch.

The internal backup battery will keep your GPS tracker alive even if someone disconnects your main battery. You can monitor your driving behavior and keep the score of every driver using a driver scorecard. Not to forget: the ScorpionLTE requires an under-dash installation which makes for easy setup.

3. The OysterLTE GPS Tracker

The OysterLTE Waterproof Battery-Powered GPS is hands down the best car GPS tracker. It offers easy installation and can work just about anywhere in the U.S. There aren’t any wires and everything can be programmed over the air (OTA) wirelessly.

Its 4G LTE Cat-M1 technology is the latest in cellular wireless software. It allows you to have peace of mind as it works wherever it’s located within the country. It withstands water, dirt, impacts and more making it ideal for cars, trailers, boats, campers, etc.

Not to mention, it’s motion activator means that it’ll alert you as soon as it’s in motion. It will save your battery life by automatically sleeping unless you change your settings via your phone or computer. Either way, the battery will last you up to 5 years!

4. The TitanLTE GPS Tracker

This wired, waterproof GPS tracker is one of the most rugged and dependable devices on the market. It’s produced with high-quality parts that are designed for even the most extreme environments. There is also great network coverage from AT&T and T-Mobile.

The backup battery helps in case the GPS tracker is off or is disconnected from your vehicle. It will still continue to track your vehicle for up to 120 days. That comes in handy as it provides you with real-time updates on the location at least once a day.

5. The PioneerLTE GPS Tracker

When you’re looking for the best car GPS tracker, consider purchasing the PioneerLTE 4G Wired Vehicle device. Its key features include the real-time GPS tracker that allows you to quickly locate your vehicle if it’s stolen. It also monitors your vehicle in real-time on your computer or smartphone.

It will also monitor the driver’s behavior to ensure that they are safe and handling the vehicle with care. You can receive alerts right away if there is unsafe driving. You can also set up the PioneerLTE GPS tracker to alert you for many other things, right to your phone.

6. The GL300W GPS Tracker

Looking for affordable, compact tracking devices for cars? Try the GL300W LTE Personal Tracker and it’s perfect, super small size! Its compact size makes it easy to take anywhere and is easy to hide.

It still offers a powerful battery life that can last up to 14 days before needing to re-charge. It will report its location at least once every few minutes while it’s moving. So you can access your device from anywhere on your tablet, phone or computer.

7. The SmartOne C GPS Tracker

Owning the SmartOne C Global Battery-Powered GPS device is making the right investment in the protection of your vehicle. It’s manufactured for quality and durability. Its military specifications MIL-STD 810/P68 will help you keep track of your assets with ease and accuracy.

It’s easy to install despite its industrial adhesives. Don’t feel intimidated by the screw mounts or brackets included in the packaging. This GPS tracker is very easy to install.

You can power this up with an external cable or 4 AAA batteries that are included. There’s global coverage with the help of its Globalstar Satelite Network. Plus, there is a monthly payment plan with a $30 activation fee included in the final price!

Those Are the Best Tracking Devices for Cars

Whether you need GPS for your personal car, your work truck, or your teenager’s new vehicle, you deserve nothing but the best! With these best tracking devices for cars, you can ensure that you’re using the best technology to get the job done. Consider this list before investing in your next GPS device and you can’t go wrong!

Happy shopping!