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Artist’s Choice! 7 Custom Paint Jobs That’ll Turn the Most Heads

You worked hard and finally bought the car of your dreams. But a stock car doesn’t reflect who the owner is.

To make your car feel like an extension of your personality, it needs to be customized inside and out.

About 49 percent of customers show interest in accessorizing their vehicle as soon as they buy it. Approximately 11 percent say they plan to do it later.

The first thing to customize is the exterior, and the biggest canvas for customization on the exterior of your car is the paint job.

We’ve found some of the most insane custom paint jobs out there for cars. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next custom paint job, keep reading to see which ones made our list!

1. Golden Girl

Nothing says luxury like a car dripping in gold.

Painting your car in a rich gold metallic paint and buffing it to a high shine will have you looking like King Midas!

A word for the wise. For a paint job this luxe, you’ll want to do some research to learn more about how to keep your new paint job looking fresh and shiny.

If you don’t mind putting a little work into it, go for the gold!

2. Meet Matte

Another of the most popular but finicky paint jobs is anything with a matte finish.

Most cars have a glossy finish that sparkles as they go down the road on a sunny day. A matte finish won’t reflect the sun and will make you stand out among the sea of shiny cars.

One of the most popular custom truck trends is a matte version of camouflage print. The paint job looks better and more masculine than a glossy finish.

In fact, many dealerships require drivers who want this kind of paint job to sign a waiver releasing the dealer from responsibility if the paint gets damaged.

If you do notice a scratch or chip in the paint, get it repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could cause rust to form on the metal body below the paint.

3. Polychrome

Can’t decide if you want blue, green, or purple? Why not all three?

Some paints have many microscopic flecks of different colors all mixed together. Once painted onto a car, they create a visual sensation.

The car will look like one color when you look at it from one angle and then like a different color altogether when you move to a different vantage point.

Lighting will also have a neat effect on this color shifting paint job, which is sure to be a conversation starter for all who see it.

4. Sharpie Chic Designs for Custom Paint Jobs

To customize this paint job, lay down a pure white base color and hand paint little designs with black lines on top.

Some people have done this DIY style with actual sharpies on an already white car.

To keep this looking luxe instead of shabby chic, make sure to lay down a fresh coat of white paint and spend the time to make sure the black lines are crisp and solid black.

Use the lines of the car and your own distinct personality to design a one of a kind paint job that is sure to drop jaws as you ride down the street.

5. Chrome Zone

If you like the high shine look of chrome, that’s great news! You can have almost any color you can imagine with a metallic chrome finish.

Imagine having a sports car that looks like a high gloss shiny silver bullet!

For another twist on the chrome paint style, consider pairing a colored chrome with matte silver accent panels or striping for a two-tone look that screams classy.

Like the gold paint job, you’ll want to be sure to keep this waxed and shiny to get the best chrome effect.

6. Oil Slick

This is a unique and interesting paint job because of the transformative quality of the paint.

In the dark, your car would look like any high-grade black paint job, but in the light, the blues, purples, and greens start to come out.

Similar to polychrome, this paint consists of black paint for the most part and then they add a lesser amount of the metallic colored flecks.

The black pigment masks the colors when in the shade, and then the metallic flecks pick up any direct sunlight and shine through the black, which resembles the look of an oil slick on water.

7. Glitz and Glitter

Anyone who loves a bit of glitz and glam will go gaga over this glittery paint job.

Adjust the amount of glitter for an even more customizable shine. This project is bound to turn heads from a mile away!

The size of glitter will also give you a different look. Finer glitter will look more like sparkling sands or fairy dust, whereas chunky glitter will look more like rhinestones or sequins.

Try iridescent glitter over a white base color for a diamond look or go all out with a holographic glitter rainbow!

Want to Know More about Cars?

Custom paint jobs are only the beginning of your customization journey. There are whole car shows dedicated to aftermarket customization technology.

Aftermarket seats, lights, custom logos, and emblems are just a few of your options. If you can think of a way to make it your own, someone has a business to help make it for you!

If you love your car and want it to be a one of a kind, there is no limit to the things you can customize.

We have a wealth of knowledge about maintaining, customizing, and anything else related to owning a car. If you have any questions or want to find out more, contact us today!