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Car Repair Cost Guide: When to Repair Your Vehicle (& When to Look For a New One)

Did you know that electric cars are cheaper to own and run?

Having car trouble? Worried about car repair costs?

In this article, we will look at some of the costs for common car repairs to help you decide whether it’s worth repairing or whether it’s time to look for a new car.

You might even consider an electric car.

It’s best to have an idea of what a repair might cost before taking it to your mechanic, especially if you are not car savvy. Keep reading for more information on how to evaluate car repair costs and for examples of common repairs and their estimated costs.

How to Evaluate Car Repair Cost

If your car is experiencing an issue or a service light has come on in your dashboard, you should get your car checked out by a mechanic, such as Steve Marsh Ford, sooner than later.

Some repairs are simple and affordable, while others might cost more than your car is worth.

While this guide will give you a general idea of some of the common car repair costs, each situation is different.

You should have your car looked at by a reputable mechanic who can tell you exactly what is wrong and can provide you with a quote for your situation.

The Transmission

The transmission is a complex and essential part of a car that allows the car to turn. Without this, you would only be able to drive in a straight line.

Transmissions can cost an average of $4-$5k to replace. There are some minor repairs that can be done for relatively cheap but if a major repair or replacement is needed, it may be time to get a new car.

The Engine

If the engine or cylinders are damaged or blown, your car is useless. You cannot drive a car with a blown engine. The cost to rebuild or replace an engine is usually in the $7k-$10k range. If this is your problem, you will almost certainly want to purchase a new or used car.

Fuel Pump

This is a common repair that allows the fuel pump to supply fuel to the injector at the correct pressure. It often needs to be repaired due to damage from poor driving and negligence when it comes to maintenance. Luckily, the cost to repair is lower, coming in at $700-$2k.

Brake Lines

if your car’s brake line becomes damaged, you will not be able to stop your car. You will likely need a replacement rather than a repair.

After all, this is essential to your safety. The cost of a brake line replacement averages $1k.

Weigh Your Options

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when evaluating car repair cost versus purchasing a new vehicle.

You want to make sure your car is driveable and of course, safe.

Sometimes repair costs can exceed the cost of a new or used vehicle. It’s best to get a quote and check the price of a new car in your area before making a decision. 

To help keep your car in top shape, check out the maintenance section of our blog.