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The Complete List of the Best Jeep Wrangler Upgrades

Purchasing your first Jeep is like punching your ticket to a new world of possibilities. It may sound overdramatic, but all you need to do is check out the Jeep Community. There’s an official Jeep App that lets you discover, track, and compete in your travels offroad.

It doesn’t end there, Jeep has an exhaustive list of modifications and upgrades on the market. Jeep is a company that set out from its inception to be a consumer-first brand. This means they make it easier than other brands to customize your ride.

Figuring out the best Jeep Wrangler upgrades to buy first is tough. There’s no right or wrong answer. If you don’t do a lot of offroad adventures, you still have a lot to choose from. We’ve made a list that covers both urban and offroad Jeep owners.

Get the most bang for your Jeep with these Jeep modifications.

Floor Liners

Something as basic as a floor liner can be such a huge upgrade in enjoyment. Reduce the amount of maintenance and cleaning with good floor liners. Stepping into an offroad vehicle without custom floor liners just feels weird.

You have a wide range of liners that can “pimp your ride” the way you want it. You can go with carpets that resist stains, clean up without heavy shampooing. Rubberized mats are a must for those who live with a lot of rain and snow. Finally, some floor liners literally line the interior perimeter and offer a more permanent solution.

Those who plan on getting their Jeeps dirty will want something that can be removed and installed with ease.

Upgrade Your Windshield

The classic Jeep windshield is what sets it apart from your average sports utility vehicle. That great viewing angle makes outdoor travel a breeze. If you expect your outdoor adventures to take you over rocks and boulders, you’ll need a bit more protection.

Don’t worry about cracking or chipping your windshield and get one with Corning Gorilla Glass. That’s right, the same stuff that’s protecting your phone’s screen, only thicker. Rocks, branches, and even metal debris don’t stand a chance against a Gorilla Glass windshield.

While you’re at it, grab some spiffy Jeep windshield decals to express yourself.

A great pairing for a strong windshield is a set of silicone wiper blades. They will last longer, perform better, and glide much quieter than stock blades. Keep your vision clear and your fun unobstructed.

Recovery Kit

One of the best Jeep Wrangler upgrades is boring, essential, and hopefully rarely used. A good recovery package of items is a requirement if you are going offroad. As the saying goes: “plan for the worst, hope for the best.”

A good recovery kit for a Jeep is going to consist of the following:

  • Recovery straps
  • Cut-resistant gloves
  • D-rings
  • Tow hooks
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Car jack (rated for SUVs)
  • Jumper cables
  • Tree Strap and Shackles

Some recovery kits also bundle a winch with them for a premium. We would advise against getting these. They’re usually not a high-grade quality and are marked-up pretty high. Continue reading for our advice on winches.

Emergency Winch

For some off-roaders, a winch is just an extension of their car. For others, a winch is something that may save them from disaster. A winch is a big perk for Jeep owners. It’s easily installed, blends in well with the exterior, and has a strong foundation for securing.

Winches can be purchased for front and back bumpers. They can be equipped to pull as much as 12000 pounds of force. High-tech synthetic ropes won’t break under stress in various weather conditions.

Lift Kits

If you literally want to climb mountains with your Jeep, a lift kit can help you scale them. The power of a Jeep’s 4WD and added clearance allows it to drive at better angles of approach, departure, and break over obstacles. This also translates to more aquatic capabilities.

Higher clearance keeps the engine dry and increases the power against currents. There are numerous specialty lift kits out there. Some kits provide pure height with minimal suspension. Other kits provide an advanced coil system that can handle faster speeds over uneven ground.

You actually want less springy suspension if you want to climb over boulders and steeper cliffs. Lift kit purchases often accompany tire upgrades, as well. Wider tires go hand-in-hand with conquering larger obstacles.

Tire Upgrades

We want to briefly touch on this Jeep upgrade because it’s not something that is usually upgraded on its own. Any tire upgrades past 33″ will need some sort of lift kit. The more ambitious owners can go all the way up to 40″ tires.

At 40″ you’re achieving over 70% more height for gripping and leveraging over obstacles. This is what gives Jeep owners the advantage over other offroad vehicles. Couple that with a locking axle upgrade, you have one mean climbing machine.

Just remember one thing before you increase your tire size: bigger diameter = higher gas mileage. This becomes really prevalent when traveling via highway or speeds above 60 mph.

Researching the Best Jeep Wrangler Upgrades

Jeeps are for everyone because of its potential. If you do decide to take it off the pavement and onto more perilous roads, you can do so confidently. When considering the best Jeep Wrangler upgrades, take advantage of the variety of brands and styles. You can make your Jeep an extension of your own personality.

The Jeep community thrives on do-it-yourself ideas and solutions. DIY auto repair is encouraged, rather than always deferring to dealerships first. You will find plenty of that on our blog. Amateur solutions with professional results, that’s our goal. If you need more help tricking out and upgrading your vehicle, look at our Jeep service manuals.

We official manuals for thousands of makes and models. If we don’t have it, then let us know. These manuals are offered for free for anyone to download and own.