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APPENDIX 3: Prepositions

ἀνά  up
ἀντίin the place of, instead of  
ἀπόaway from  
διάthrough, by means of, during, after  on account of, because of
εἰς  into, in, to;
for, on behalf of
ἐκ, ἐξ, ἐχfrom, out of, as a result of  
ἐν in, with, among  
ἐπίon, on the basis of, over, before, in the time ofon, at, in, on top of, againstupon, on, to, for
κατάdown (from), against, throughout down (to), according to, about, during
μετάwith after
ὀπίσωbehind, after  
παράfrom beside, from, in the presence ofbeside, near, in sight ofbeside, along, at the side of
περίfor, concerning  around
πρός  to, towards
σύν with, together with 
ὑπέρ  above
ὑπόby (action by someone)  under
χωρίςwithout, apart from  

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